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My computer with vista x64 has about a 50% success rate at recognizing when I hook up my Moment via USB. I've installed the Samsung USB driver for mobile phones v1.3.150.0, as well as the Samsung New PC Studio software. I have debugging checked, tried different USB ports, etc, and the only thing that seems to work is power cycling the phone. Anyone have any ideas?

android 2.1

p.s. I suspect this has something to do with the "Abnormal Disconnect" error I keep getting from pdanet.


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More than likely its just the poorly written software by samsung/sprint. I have seen mention of specific drivers for vista x64, but im not sure if they work any better than what you've already got. Your best bet is a virtual machine running xp (seems to be the most reliable OS to use with the updater). Virtualbox is a free virtualization platform.
I had problems installing or getting my computers to recognize the drivers for the moment i was using windows 7 on one pc and xp sp3 on the other my vista labtop was the only method i was able to use. Try this bc i didnt have to go through the virtual pc setup.

I googled Samsung_Mobile_USB_Driver(V5.2.0.0)_V1.2.1060.0 and downloaded the drivers after setup and i used the first part of the cl14 upgrader just to install the drivers you dont have to completley flash the phone just do the first steps to install the drivers then leave alone.

It wouldnt hurt to uninstall the drivers you have now, and pc studio neither of which i used to root my phone.


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Tech support said the reason why Vista isn't recognizing the device is because I had USB debugging checked. However, I can't run PDAnet if I uncheck USB debugging. So at this point it looks like I can have one or the other but not both; connect and be recognized by Vista and no PDAnet, or have problems being seen by vista and PDAnet working whenever I do happen to get connected to Vista.
So I guess this is turning into a PDAnet thread more than a Samsung driver thread.
I also called Samsung and they said they don't make drivers. :thinking: