Samsung Epic launching August 11 (according to Boygenius)


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Samsung Epic 4G launching August 11th, Sprint stores to open early? Boy Genius Report
BGR is reporting the Samsung Epic 4G will be released on sprint on August 11. Sprint likely set this release date in response to the reported Droid 2 and Blackberry Torch launches a day later. Word from the sprint playbook is some stores will open at 8:00 a.m on launch day. Best buy just added the epic to the Samsung Galaxy S lineup page with a coming soon button. I know this has already been posted in other subforums but I wanted to let people who are contemplating between the Evo and the Epic know.
Apparently, the playbook first said the epic would launch the 11th but there have been reports that that has been removed from the playbook.

P.S. Mods, please do not move this thread! This is Evo relevant considering many people are contemplating which 4G device to get. Thank you


As an advantage club member who has been waiting for over two months for an EVO this is welcome news. I would still rather have the EVO and I am prepared to wait but maybe this will help ease the inventory problem with the EVO, hopefully some people decide not to wait and switch over to the EPIC soon. :D

p.s. Im grasping at any news that might finally put a god damn EVO in my hands.


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lets say you already have an EVO and you also get an EPIC .. Will they charge you $10 twice or just one per account ??