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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Neil71, May 25, 2021.

  1. Neil71

    Neil71 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey , Does anyone have an Galaxy A52 5G ?

    I am looking at the device and I'd love to hear some peoples opinions on the phone.

    Thanks for any thoughts you have.

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  2. heffa

    heffa Newbie

    I picked up an A52 last week, been adjusting to it the last few days. I've always had HTCs before.
    Impressions so far: Good size and weight, buttons and functions are smooth and feel good quality. The cameras are absolutely awesome! Screen is beautiful, although sometimes the selfie camera Is an annoying black dot at the top of the screen. Speaker sound is pretty good too.Processor has handled everything I've used so far with ease and speed.
    The standard launcher is actually really good, very customizable. Was able to setup my layout just as I had on the HTC Sense UI.
    5g and BT signals are outstanding. Wifi is ok, on a par with my old HTC X10. I would have expected an improvement, but its still ok.
    Biometrics are really good, has miss-scanned my fingerprint even yet.
    Some of the Samsung apps are a bit Apple-ish, in that you're forced to use them and cant disable them (Galaxy Store is a pain).
    Chews through battery pretty quick, and optimization options for power consumption are pretty inflexible (ie. cant turn off GPS without completely disabling location, etc).

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