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Samsung Galaxy A70 vs A71 - please help me choose

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lucc4, Jun 2, 2020.


A70 or A71 for average user

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  1. Lucc4

    Lucc4 Lurker
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    Hello, this is my first post here. My old trusty Galaxy Note 4 is going to be replaced soon, after almost 5 years of usage.
    I'm on a bit tighter budget and I'll have to skip flagship models this time. I'm choosing between Galaxy A70 (=330 euros) and A71 model (=400 euros). I am aware of the differences on paper, as I have already searched for comparisons. I would like to know if A71 is worth extra money for the cpu performance on the long shot. I am not a heavy phone user, never play games, etc. Usually just browsing and using social media apps. The battery is important though. What do you guys think, is A71 worth extra 70 euros or I'll be fine with the A70?
    Thanks in advance.

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