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Samsung Galaxy Ace locked out

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by numpty alex, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. numpty alex

    numpty alex Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Help please!!! My numpty 10 year old son changed his pattern on his phone so his mum would stop looking at it.... he's forgot it and now he's had too many pattern attempts.
    How can we re-set this?
    He remember his gmail account details either.
    Hopefully thanks!!!!
    Numpty Alex's dad :mad:

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  2. XploitZ

    XploitZ Well-Known Member

    only option might be to do a factory reset
    you could lose all datas but makes the phone usable again
  3. DGwithAce

    DGwithAce Newbie

    see if you could recover his gmail userid and password.. it would do the trick else the only option is for you to flash the phone again.
  4. cassiebawden

    cassiebawden Lurker

    We are having the same problem, can't log in on phone through email though. I can log in to Gmail on my computer but phone keeps saying invalid username or password. I am getting the runaround from samsung and retailer. I don't know what to try next any ideas?
    thanks cassie:thinking:
  5. Pleasehelpace

    Pleasehelpace Lurker

    Did you manage to sort this I am having exactly the same problem
  6. zZzACEzZz

    zZzACEzZz Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem but whn it asks if I forgot my pattern "code". Then I just typed my Gmail account and its password and I had to make a new pattern "code".
  7. zZzACEzZz

    zZzACEzZz Well-Known Member

    oh sorry, I didnt noticed that she doesnt remember his gmail accounts. Well cant help u with that problem.
  8. zZzACEzZz

    zZzACEzZz Well-Known Member

    I just searched the internet and some guy had the same problem with his SGS2 and this was the answer "Yes there is another way however you will have to
    perform a factory reset of the device. This is the only way to
    gain access to the phone again. If you have a Google account
    synced to your device, your contacts, calendar, etc. will be re-
    synced to the device after you run the initial setup again. any
    data that is stored on the SD Card will not be erased. All of the
    apps you have paid for can be put back after you reset the
    device by opening the Market, pressing Menu on the phone and
    choosing "My Apps"."

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