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samsung galaxy ace review advice

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lubob, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. lubob

    lubob Lurker
    Thread Starter

    good evening fellow forum members. i am novice to this forum and even to android platform. i need your valuable advice on this specific device named samsung galaxy ace. i want to buy my first android smartphone.my budget is 15k indian rupees.your valuable inputs are very much appreciated.thanks in advance and regards.

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  2. abhishekbafna

    abhishekbafna Lurker

    Everything is well and good in this phone but only problem is battery drains pretty faster than what i have ever seen.
  3. Yes the devise is good to buy for a 15k budget...
    but below are the cons:
    1. Battery life is max 24 hours
    2. No Adobe Flash support(u ll feel this in longer use when ll try to play any web videos)
    3. ROM is 181 MB, after 10 t0 12 apps it nearly becomes unavailable
    4. RAM is 278, u canot eeven play a bit high resolution game if 2 3 apps running behind...
    5. Crashes more in bit heavy use...
    6. last but not the least no front facing camera, dont expect video call or dont even video chat...
  4. saurabh79

    saurabh79 Newbie

    it is the best phone in the price range... good camera, touch, decent memory etc.. better androids are then in range of 25+ K.

    If u dont want to spare 15 k also, u can try the lg optimus one, comes for 10k.. only thig it doesnt have is the led flash camera.
  5. samsungshah

    samsungshah Newbie

    i will recommend you htc wildfire or lg optimus one...ace design is like more of china handset..and we have good article in forums for htc wildfire and lg optimus one...ace processor is over clocked nothing spl about that...that you can do with anyone phone after rooting
  6. aceuser

    aceuser Member

    goood phone go ahead
  7. sludde

    sludde Newbie

  8. TrisTan5267

    TrisTan5267 Member

    Guys, can you suggest good application to optimize the Samsung Galaxy Ace performance. And to answer the problems such as: how to prolong the battery life of Galaxy Ace, how to extend and install more applications and games, how to make it still fast and responsive. At least 10 guys. Thanks!
  9. ronald123

    ronald123 Lurker

    i have never seen a phone like this that sucks the battery quicker than any..
  10. sbnaul

    sbnaul Well-Known Member

    aftr spending a week with the phone u wont complain of the battery...
  11. byzantium3.0

    byzantium3.0 Lurker

    Hello guys, i'm lookin' for under $250 android phone...
    Can i get any help?
    I'm looking for a decent one,can open all thing the internet can offer,play bit of game here and there, and if it could a better juice of battery?
  12. sbnaul

    sbnaul Well-Known Member

    samsung galaxy s i9003... the best one... nd i think it wud cost u 300 dollars... i am an indian so cant help u abt the price...
    the galaxy ace here is for rs.15000 nd galaxy s i9003 for rs.19000
  13. bosshog

    bosshog Member

    Well guy's, i must say after having the phone for 4 day's, i think this is a nice phone & i must say that the batt on this phone is a lot better then my old xperia mini pro.
    There are way's to prolong the bat, first you could turn off auto sink & just do it yourself when needed. Turn all wifi , gps and all the classic bat drain's and only turn it on when needed. Turn your brightness down a little also.
  14. JFSG

    JFSG Member

    Same here. The Galaxy Ace is an excellent phone in most aspects except that the battery life is pathetic and resolution is low..
  15. chillyouout

    chillyouout Newbie

    Just install Android Booster and your battery problem will go away, then you can feel the excellent phone you've always wanted.
  16. sumeetbais

    sumeetbais Newbie

    Hey guys,

    I wonder why none of the reviews have mentioned about its camera.

    It has a 5MP decent camera but what hurts is... When your camera is set to capture images in 5MP, Zoom is disabled. In order to zoom, you need to reduce your MPs which eventually costs the image quality.

    Kind Regards,
    Sumeet Bais
  17. After one month of usage i can say that-
    Battery is a big problem. I havnt lasted a single day on it. If u use it only fo sns purpose than mayb it can last upto one n half days.
    The arm11 proccy is a joke. 800mhz is misleading. It fails compared to motorola defy's 800Mhz Cortex8 ..
    It sucks as hard as the optimus 600mhz proccy. Angry Birds Rio starts lagging from Lvl20 onwards. The adreno 200 is.the weakest Gpu on android today. I saw some blogs mentioning It as a budget gaming phone. BUDGET PART I AGREE,GAMING PART I DONT.

    The dismal Ram and Rom are also very poor for its price. Cmon ,u get a Galaxy S for 19-21k, so how can u expect such pathetic config on a 15k phne.
    As for crashes, get used to it. All phones with less than 512MB Ram face it. It happens quiet frequently.
    Camera is average for 5mpx. Gsmarena verdict on its camera as being excellent....is something i completely disagree upon.
    It was a great buy back then in January. Now its a big loss seeing how the price of optyimus one and galaxy S has fallen.

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