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Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830i not connecting to mobile network

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DrYeah999, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. DrYeah999

    DrYeah999 Lurker
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    My phone does not install any SIM card inserted into it, it does recognize it is there but it does not connect to the mobile network, when I log on to my account on my service provider online, it recognizes that the SIM is inserted into the phone. I have tried inserting it into another galaxy ace - s5830i, but it installs the SIM and allows phone calls to be made. I have inserted another SIM into my phone again it does not connect to the mobile network. Therefore I know that there is nothing got with the SIM. What I have tried to do so far is turn of my phone completely and I have reset my phone to factory setting numerous times. I have done a hard reset. All the forum threads that I have seen, people have rooted their phones or done something to them which happened to be the cause and the solution was to simply remove or undo these modifications. I havent made any modifications to the system, I use my phone for making calls and sending text messages and installing apps from the Google Play store.

    Also when I type in *#06# the IEME number does show up.

    Does anyone know why and how can I solve this problem.

  2. hoolahoops

    hoolahoops Lurker

    Hi DrYeah999, I have the exact same problem as yourself. Did you get any solution?
    Many thanks,

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