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samsung galaxy ace

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by chrisw0072010, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. chrisw0072010

    chrisw0072010 Lurker
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    Could anyone please help me? I have had my galaxy ace for about 4 weeks. I had a blackberry 8520 before. I love the phone now, but it keeps sending a message " internal phone storage is getting low" and also "incoming message rejected as message memory full". I have bought a new SD card of 32 replacing the 2 that was in it, deleted messages and any apps, so what else can I do? I am worried about someone sending an important message and I don't receive it. I am new to the site, so this is my first post. Thank you in anticipation.

  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!!

    Hello Chris, and welcome to Android Forums. :)

    Have you tried Clearing the cache and resetting your phone? (Not a factory reset.)
    Maybe that will clear up the issue. Let me know how it goes.
  3. les5335

    les5335 Lurker

    Hi Chirs,
    I've had thes message, and it's really annoying. It is because the phone's internal memory is a very low 160Mb. With the operating system and all the "standard" apps, this soon gets full, and when you get below about 18-19Mb free you will get this message.
    The only way I could stop it was to uninstall some apps I had downloaded until I had about 20Mb free. Suddenly tests came flooding in.
    The upshot is you can only install a few apps before this happens. Rubbish really, as other similar phones have 4Gb of internal storage. The size of your SD card makes no difference, as we're talking about the internal phone memory here.
    If anyone knows another (and better!) way around this, please let me know!!


  4. jeester

    jeester Lurker

    Link2sd - uses sd carsd as internal memory - stops all that nonsense - unfortunately still a rubbish phone :(
  5. DonB

    DonB ♡ Truth, Justice and the American Way !! ♡ ™

    Welcome :ciao: ,we are glad to have you, hope you enjoy the site.
  6. jbananak

    jbananak Lurker

    how do I reset the phone (not factory reset)? Thanks
  7. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :)

    Hello jbananak, welcome to AF!

    I do not know the specifics of your device. I suggest you find the forum for it here, Android Phones - Android Forums and make a post there and someone will lend you a hand. :)

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