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Samsung Galaxy Core Prime S82OL Problems WiFi Tethering

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WickedStewie, Mar 21, 2016.

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    So for starters I don't have hardly any experience at this type of stuff but I've tinkered with a few phones here and there and accomplished USB tethering and simpler things of that nature for the most part thanks to "How to" guides and such. So, to the point. Just got this phone recently, and decided to try and make it a wifi hotspot because there is no internet access where I live. I rooted the phone using kingroot knowing a lot of these apps need it and even if I got one that didn't Id eventually want it rooted for some reason or another. Then started searching for a good app to use and figured I'd start with FoxFi which seemed to have a decent reputation. Got it installed, tryed to start it up and it tells me within 30 seconds to "turn on my mobile hotspot function" on my phone. Well this particular model doesnt have that standard, so after a little searching I came across a possible work around for that by downloading a hotspot toggle widget. tryed again with foxfi, foxfi seemed to be satisfied with that widget being used in place of a stock hotspot toggle. Attempted to connect to the new wifi hotspot using my pc and it would not identify the network, thus resulting in no internet connection. so I figured maybe there was a compatibility problem with foxfi and my phone and mustve tried at least 10 other wifi hotspot apps both with root and without and only the higher rated and more trustworthy seeming apps. Still, to no avail has any one worked most just crashed and were prolly junk but another had the same issue as foxfi, so I assume that is where the true problem lies. I'd greatly appreciate any help, I have been trying to figure this out for the last 10 hours and am at a loss. Also it's a straight talk phone running off of a verizon network, but I do believe that is the only option for this particular model of the samsung galaxy core prime, being the S82OL version.

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    I appreciate the effort but it seems thats just a work around if you have hotspot stock on your phone and this particular model of the core prime doesnt for some stupid reason. I had first bought a samsung galaxy core prime through t mobile which was white and ended up having zero service where I live, so I seen a black core prime through straight talk which ran on the verizon network and gets good signal but doesnt have the same hotspot feature stock and I assume thats because the s82ol model was changed slightly to accomadate straight talk. I believe the problem lies somewhere with the computer recognizing the Ip address and I dont know how to "force it" to. I'm not really familiar with command lines and such cause im pretty sure it could be done that way manually but I really wouldnt know where to start. I've noticed a great lacking of info available for this specific phone otherwise I feel there already wouldve been a simple solution to this problem, I noticed while watchiing a video of someone wifi tethering one of the other core prime models with the built in hotspot having no issues, and two people commented underneath saying they also had no stock hotspot and were encountering problems because of this and then the comments went no further so I dont know if a solution was ever found.
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    There is very little info on about these phones[emoji26] [emoji26] [emoji26] sorry I couldn't be of help

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