Help Samsung Galaxy Note 4 high battery usage




After the latest Android upgrade on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, I've noticed that the battery consumption has become really high.

I haven't done anything different after the upgrade. The screen brightness of the phone is always set to medium, I switch off WiFi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth interfaces when not required, also all the apps are now optimised. I've even uninstalled most of the apps that I don't use and still my battery level drops really fast. Example when I started typing this message the battery level was 42% and now it's 40% in just a matter of 3 mins.

Anyone able to help?


Often Off Piste

Check that NFC is turned off. Check that location is off (or that there is no high usage reported in settings) Sometimes updates enable these things.

I would install GSam Battery Monitor (free from Playstore), let it run for at least a full day and have a look at what it reports is using up your power.