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Samsung Galaxy Note Cases

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Opstadsen, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Opstadsen

    Opstadsen Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Any suggestions for cases? I had the "Incase Slider Case" for my (now stolen) iPhone 4. I really liked it, it was smooth and slim. Anything similar exist for the Samsung Note?


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  2. John566

    John566 Newbie

    I have only been able to find cases on eBay (shipping directly from China). They are supposed to take a few weeks to get here. I'll be very carefull untill then. I'd sure like an Otterbox for it like I have on my GS2.
  3. order from China,you mean this one
    NILLKIN TPU CASE FOR Samsung Galaxy Note I9220+Screen Protector | eBay
  4. AllThingsPure

    AllThingsPure Well-Known Member

    There is an original Flip Cover from Samsung, model EFC-1E1FBECSTD, which is actually a replacement back cover with a left hinged leather (or what looks like it) front cover. This unit replaces the existing back cover. With the thing installed, the phone opens/closes like a book. The front cover is rigid and 1mm thick. So the overall thickness of the phone is increased by just 1mm.

    You can speak with the front covered as there is a hole slot for the speaker (and the mics on this phone are at top and bottom). However, the volume Up/Down button accessibility is greatly reduced.

    For right-handed use, it is still possible to operate with one hand with a struggle.

    I have this as a free gift from my telco, purportedly worth $68.
  5. John566

    John566 Newbie

    I would worry about the edges not being protected with the flip cover.
  6. mightymoose02

    mightymoose02 Well-Known Member

    Simple black gel skin case from ebay.


    sold by Talklinesales (99.7% feedback)

    They are in the UK. The case is made by FoneM8.

    Ended up paying $10 bucks total including shipping.

    Not bad and it fits perfectly with all the holes cut out and stuff. It also has pretty good grip.
  7. JunBringer

    JunBringer Android Expert

    I'll be getting the white Note with no case just to show off it's beauty :)

    I know, I'll be careful!
  8. RingKing

    RingKing Well-Known Member

    Don't you think that the metal part of the Note will be prone to scuffs and scratches over time, regardless how careful you are if you have no case on?

    The SGS2's shiny plastic parts will inevitably have marks in time if you don't put it in a case.
  9. darkmav

    darkmav Member

    How do you make calls with this? Do you fold it 180 degrees? I'm asking because I got this too, and while it no doubt protects the phone, it's a little inconvenient to make calls with a book against your head. Also, I'm afraid that frequent folding of the flip cover will eventually damage it.
  10. Ryan Autry

    Ryan Autry Newbie

  11. JunBringer

    JunBringer Android Expert

    maybe if they have a white case I'll get one...
  12. andy1985

    andy1985 Lurker

    Here is a kind of mesh hard case:


    To Europe, normally it takes 2 weeks to delivered.
  13. bellissima

    bellissima Lurker

    I agree with Jun Bringer, no cases for mine,I like to carry it with me naked in order to show it off in all its splendour !:)
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  14. PasiS

    PasiS Member

  15. borzack

    borzack Lurker

    I'm currently using a beautiful case with a stunning 100% genuine Swarovski cut crystals that I bought from South Korea (via ebay) A bit pricey but it's beautiful! :)
    On ebay, look for "Eileen Metal Ring Case for SAMSUNG i9220 N7000 Galaxy Note + Film - Wine Red"
  16. dilipc

    dilipc Newbie

    I got this free with the phone too. You can talk with the cover closed, but you'll have to open the cover to make that call! Let's see how long the flip lasts...
  17. lollypop90210

    lollypop90210 Lurker

    You might want to get this one. They said will also send two free screen protectors.

    Premium Leather Flip Case and Two Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note, GT-i9220/N7000 - Shipped from USA - Get it in Two Days

    I got to know this company couple of years ago when I bought some gun cases from them. Always great service, fastest shipping you can ever find. They are based in Georgia, so typically, they send out the stuffs within one hour you place the order. You get it within two or three business days with only $3.49 shipping, which I used every time during the past 2 years.
  18. nathanfooism

    nathanfooism Newbie

    I'm sorry, but 50 bucks for a case is pure craziness. The Nillkin case shown above is really sweet, and you can get it for like 8 bucks. Yea you will have to wait 8-10 days to get it, but I think thats way better than paying 50 and getting it in 2 days. Just my two cents. :D
  19. SuzukiDuki

    SuzukiDuki Newbie

    I went with the Case-Mate 'Barely There' case. I too liked the feel of the InCase Slider Case on my iPhone and this one feels the same but it quite a bit thinner. I'm really liking it. $25



  20. B2L

    B2L Android Expert

    It's too bad the Case-Mate case doesn't cover the top or the bottom of the device. It would've been perfect if not for that. :/
  21. biscuitlad

    biscuitlad Well-Known Member

    Which of these cases improves the grip on the phone?
  22. cbmenuisier

    cbmenuisier Newbie

    I want to add some new backgrounds for the S memo app.

    I can't find the folder that contain the 8 basic backgrounds (including the music sheet).

    If anyone can help ...



    Opps wrong thread ... need admin help to move in appropiate thread.
  23. Blue1k

    Blue1k Android Enthusiast

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