Feb 13, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE GT-N7105T
Phone started crashing yesterday and kept getting stuck on the Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7105T screen. After reading through the forums and trying various different solutions, I finally managed to Hard Reset phone. I had previously tried installing Firmware via Odin, which didn't seem to work. Here is the link for the Firmware: http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/confirm/24407/N7105TDVUEMK2_N7105TXSAEMK3_XSA/
I managed to get the phone to reboot back into recovery mode and cleared the cache and Hard Reset the phone. When the phone rebooted the phone looked like it was working and showed the setup screen as if I had just purchased the phone. I set the phone up and then uplugged it from the PC thinking everything was okay. It was not okay and it began to reboot randomly and got stuck on the Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7105T screen again. If I plug it back in the phone will mostly stay on, but sometimes it reboots.
Anyone got any solutions for me?
I managed to update the phone by downloading a pending system Update, but the phone is now cycling on and off. It looks like it is going to boot up and even plays the Samsung Tune and logo, but then powers down again ;,(