Help Samsung Galaxy Note Screen Broken

During the last two weeks, my Samsung Galaxy Note has gone through two drops.

The first drop resulted in cracking the glass screen; fine, perfectly working. The second drop was a bit more detrimental to my phone; the screen's previous crack got bigger, part of the screen is unresponsive, the screen when it's on is not readable and greyed out, with white lines going across the screen.

Luckily, the phone still works when let's say, switching homescreens, or dragging down the notifications window. I was even able to receive a phone call while typing this out (being able to answer it is a different story).

To get to the point, is my phone salvageable? What does it require? A simple screen replacement?

I appreciate the forthcoming help. :)


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Probably end up being cheaper just to replace it. Unlike some phones, the screen digitizer and lcd are one unit (that I could find, anyway), and pretty expensive, imo.


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Sell it for parts on Ebay and use what you can get towards a new device.

Also if you don't already have a second line of service you can add one and get a new device for basically $10/month for 2 years. If you did this $440 would be the cost of a new device which you could then cancel after buying out the contract and later use again to get yet another device.