Help samsung galaxy note2 handwritten calender


whenever i handwrite my calender using the s pen, over time, the calender will somehow manage to delete itself. has this happened to anyone or does anyone happen to know what i am doing wrong?



Not sure if this is the problem, but you can only view your handwriting in handwriting mode. This means touching the handwriting button on the top left hand corner. Not sure if there's an option so you can always view this


Android Expert
I've never used it so can't comment, but maybe it's a sync/time issue with the calendar in terms of how far to keep and display data? But that doesn't make sense if it deletes everything instead of small sections a bit at a time.


Android Expert
I have played around with this in the past but never used it, so I just did a bit of handwriting and closed the S planner app. It was still there when I opened it again. Will check tomorrow to see if anything changed.