Help Samsung galaxy player 4.0 and 5.0 wont load apps at the market.


Just bought galaxy players 4.0 and 5.0 for the young ones. When I open the market I cannot get the apps to install. I get the google play disclaimer and then

  1. Your haven't accessed the google play store app (white shopping bag app icon ) on your device with this email account.
  2. Tried using my account and theirs. I can see the other devices that I have downloaded apps on, but these do not show.
  3. These devices are listed on Samsungs website as having full access and judging by the threads, they do work.
  4. I have the market app on main screen and applications. Never had a problem loading apps before. The devices are connected to a wifi and it is functioning.


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I kept shutting the players down and restarting them and finally got to click on accept terms of use and a couple more start-ups and shut downs and then the icon changed to play store and started working. Didn't think it would take 2 days to get it working.


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there is a fast and simple way to get play store right away, but I dont remember what it was. Do a search on here or anything but ipod. This was discussed before.