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Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Accessories

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Players' started by DeserveMusic, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. DeserveMusic

    DeserveMusic Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I cannot believe we're one of the few with this player. Haha.

    I've recently picked out a Riot Defender case for my player, however, it doesn't really do much... but make sure the back stays white.

    I was wondering if you guys have found anything of value that might be worth looking into until we get the Otterbox cases.

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  2. blackdog709

    blackdog709 Well-Known Member

    Here's what I've found:

    pDair Portfolio leather case, with cover flap:

    pDair leather "belt-pouch" case (I ordered this, but beware, it ships from HongKong and I was given a month and a half shipping time!)

    and this pDair case:

    All of the above are from the same seller, shipping from Hongong, unfortunately.

    Then there's the Riot Outfitters Diamond shell case at BB and the Riot Outfitters leather Folio case also at BB.

    Other than that...I'm not sure.

    I put a Zagg Invisible Shield on mine and am very happy with it. I know from past experience that this material is almost indestructible and takes away a bit of the high gloss and reflection from the screen without diminishing clarity or touch responsiveness.

    I'm finding that it's a bit annoying to not have a kickstand on this when viewing Netflix and videos. (Especially since the speakers are on the flat back of the unit; they are totally covered when the unit is placed on a table top) The back and sides are so glossy that it's challenging to prop it up against something on the desk or table top (lile a book or a glass) and have it stay put. Rubberized back and sides would certainly help. I could envision a hard shell case for this, very thin, that includes a kickstand. I know the Otterbox cases protect very well but they make it very chunky too. I'd never be able to fit the unit with an Otterbox on it inside a belt pouch.

    UPDATE 2100-12-28:
    The pDair belt case arrived. it's quite good. The leather is real and the case is pretty well-made. There is a strap that flips over the top opening with a strong magnetic catch. You can put the player in the case with earbuds plugged in. The belt clip is very sturdy. note that it is a clip, not a loop. So you can take it off and put it on your belt without taking off your belt. Overall I am quite pleased. Still does not address the issue of protecting the device from falls and damage. You could not fit a device with a gel case or an otterbox on it into this leather case.
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  3. blackdog709

    blackdog709 Well-Known Member

  4. pcdebb

    pcdebb Android Enthusiast

    Just picked up a riot outfitter at BB today. They are in short supply tho for the 5" it seems as I had to visit two stores to find it.
  5. blackdog709

    blackdog709 Well-Known Member

    Any recommendations for a car dash or windshield mount that will fit this rather large device?
  6. Sideman

    Sideman Well-Known Member

    Was just browsing Ebay for all things SGP and found this car mount that would work for an SGP5. Thought y'all might like to check it out.

    Search for "Car Holder Suction Mount Samsung Galaxy S 2 Accessory"
  7. Sideman

    Sideman Well-Known Member

    I just received one of the SGP5 gel cases...the one with the "S" line in it. It fits perfectly. It''s not too grippy, but has a very nice feel. Easy to hold on to, fits perfectly, and is very light. Nice product.

    I also received a Stealth Shield Premium protector. It has 2 sets of screen and body protectors. It's the kind that requires soapy water to install. Not a problem if you're very careful and use a minimum of fluid. It provides a real nice grip and would keep the SGP from sliding out of a breast pocket. And it's very clear.

    I going to apply the Stealth Shield and see how I like it by itself. The gel case is a winner already...I think I'll keep the screen protector on it no matter what.
  8. blackdog709

    blackdog709 Well-Known Member

    Anyone have info on dock/cradle from Samsung that will for the SGP 5.0? Seems that we are left out in the cold.
  9. Sideman

    Sideman Well-Known Member

    I haven't found any. I'm beginning to think that we SGP owners are being somewhat shunned by Samsung, and the market in general. I think they are much more interested in selling phones and are directing their resources toward that end, rather than developing accessories for us. We are still a very small minority of users.

    It's a shame! Such a powerful device, capable of so many wonderful things, and one that kicks Apple butt, and we can't even get a simple backrest/stand...let alone a docking station!

    I'm promoting the heck out of the SGPs to everyone that will listen. I figure that its the only way to get the attention we deserve from the development folks. So far a lot of friends are planning to get one and drop their smartphone for a plain vanilla cell phone. And the others, mostly Apple users, are so jealous they're complaining to Apple about it.

    I search almost every day for SGP accessories. I'll post anything new I find. So hang in there fellow SGPers.
  10. marcelf

    marcelf Member

    you will find that any standard car clamp that fit a sat nav device will fit the sgp. I got one from Argos in the UK for my old archos 5it, and it fits great.

    E bay have some gel cases for about

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  11. drted

    drted Newbie

    Marcelf.. you are a genius... I have many old cases laying around collecting dust... I will try this idea tonight. TIA, Ted
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