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Samsung Galaxy Prevail Teardown

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ron580, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. ron580

    ron580 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    First of all merry Christmas!! I had a little time to check out the insides of our wonderful prevail during my Christmas break and thought some of you might wanna check it out.

    1.)Prevail with the backplate removed
    2.)Front side of motherboard
    4.) & 5.)Close up shots of motherboard


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  2. johnny424

    johnny424 Android Expert

    pretty cool
  3. thermalpaste

    thermalpaste Newbie

    which chip is the processor?
  4. ron580

    ron580 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i believe its the big chip with the faded letters its the qualcomm msm7627-3
  5. Enzosdad

    Enzosdad Well-Known Member

    You are correct, and nice evil scientist tear down ;-):cool:
  6. TryingToRoot

    TryingToRoot Android Enthusiast

    I want to replace my screen, what tools did you need
  7. ron580

    ron580 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i used a Phillips size PH0 to remove the screws on the back cover and i used a 2.4mm flat-head to pry the backplate. To remove the motherboard disconnect the tab that is connected to the screen and the top portion of the motherboard is glued. after removing the motherboard you have access to the screen but i believe the lcd is glued onto the front face plate so you most likely will need a heatgun or just find a way to pry it off. but be careful man there's a lot of things that can break.
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  8. mhrf90

    mhrf90 Well-Known Member

    Would it be possible to change the shitty 2mp camera? This is the only thing I hate about this phone...
  9. aladdin99

    aladdin99 Well-Known Member

    heh I actually thought about doing this. I have a Galaxy S with a busted screen that i took apart. The Camera sure looks the same so does the connector.

    I didn't try it because I fear there will be a problem with the drivers...... :(
  10. ron580

    ron580 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i really don't know but even if you could it would be very difficult to remove and solder the new camera on the motherboard.
  11. aladdin99

    aladdin99 Well-Known Member

    Its not attached with solder.
    It just pulls out and snaps back in place.
  12. theonewho

    theonewho Member

    I know this an old thread, but has anyone replaced the screen on their prevail? I'm thinking about giving it a go but I'm curious to see if anyone else tried it already.

    ron580 mentioned that the screen was probably glued in place, so I especially want to know about getting the old one out and a new one in.
  13. Dest1ny

    Dest1ny Member

    No I opened mine to try to get the "charging without plugged in" problem fixed, even thou I did not get it fixed I did see the connectors.

    If you remove the six screw on the back "tiny screws" and remove the back cover. on the left top corner side will be the connector to the screen "first picture posted the orange square thingy", is a wide plastic connector that can be unplugged. As far as I know just about every screen I've seen even in old phones they had the same connectors but that's a different story.

    I do have to warn you thou, you either need to be trained on handle delicate equipment, and be trained about static discharges. You can easily damage the phone to a point of no return.

    Only tools you might need is a set of very small screwdrivers possible down to the size for glasses.

    Good luck either way hope you get it.
  14. Koumajutsu

    Koumajutsu Android Expert

    Don't worry about drivers, we can always get drivers. We just need to know detailed specifics about the donor camera. Things like exactly what phone it came from, if that camera chipset has a name, what it is, etc.

    it might drop in and run, never know until you try
  15. ok guys, so i got an issue. i have the exact same phone here, and it worked fine for a while. it was rooted when i got it, but i never added any programs to mess with speed or any of the factory settings. all of a sudden it shut down and locked up, and now it won't power on at all. any idea of what to look for in this situation? i've already pulled the cover off and carefully examined the motherboard, but to no avail. it all looks normal, aside from one minor difference. the far right prong where the battery connects into the board is slightly pulled outta it's black casing, but with my samsung gem that has the same issue, it still turns on. what am i missing?
  16. Koumajutsu

    Koumajutsu Android Expert

    Chips that have gone bad typically look just like good chips, unless they catastrophically fail.

    If the smoke wasn't let out, chances are you'll not be able to find and replace whatever part went bad on you.

    I think you just have a phone that died. A moment of silence for our fallen :musicus:
  17. kolosus

    kolosus Android Expert

    If you have the phone in your account as your phone call Boost or Samsung.

    Every Prevail sold is still under warranty since it hasn't been a year yet. They should fix it up or replace it.

    Good luck.
  18. wemis

    wemis Member

    Can anyone tell me how hard it is to tear down the Prevail? My GF dropped hers in water and there are water spots on the inside of the screen. Does anyone know if I could somehow clean this? It's driving her crazy and I don't feel like buying a new phone! Thanks!
  19. Koumajutsu

    Koumajutsu Android Expert


    Not exactly a list of instructions, but i believe there is plenty of info discussed in that thread to get you where you need to be.

    Be careful if you attempt it. I hear there are some delicate parts inside
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  20. Koumajutsu

    Koumajutsu Android Expert

    Any more thought on trying that camera swap?
  21. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Merging similar threads.

    Sending you a PM Wemis w/ info. I will also leave a re-direct up for 3 days.:)

    Thanks for posting that link Kouma. (lol) you beat me to it. :p
  22. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    @ Wemis>>

    I would contact Ron580 with a PM since he's pulled the phone apart already.

    I had read somewhere that the glass could be removed but that it was glued on around the edges.I'm not sure this info is correct as I have never pulled the phone apart.
  23. irishobo

    irishobo Android Enthusiast

    I would be interested in trying it. I am gonna research different cameras.
  24. schr9091

    schr9091 Android Enthusiast

    replacing the camera most likely would not be that difficult sorta like a laptop camera unplug it and plug in the new one i personally would like to increase onboard memory imagine having a gig of onboard:dancing2:

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