Samsung Galaxy S II on T-Mobile now?

John Jason

Android Enthusiast
While trying to figure out what Simple Mobile is I stumbled upon the Expansys website. They appear to be selling the SGS2 for $749 and it says it is compatible with Simple Mobile, AT&T and T-Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S II Android Smartphone (Unlocked, 16GB) #GT-I910016GB - Expansys USA

I find this difficult to believe, because if it was true there would be thousands of US T-Mobile users ordering the phone. Note that there is a T-Mobile in the UK as well, and they definitely are selling the SGS2. However, as far as I can tell Simple Mobile is a sub-carrier for T-Mobile USA, so if it is compatible with Simple Mobile it ought to work with T-Mobile USA as well.

I'm confused. Does anyone have further information?