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General Samsung Galaxy S or SE Xperia X10

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by angel-eyes*, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. angel-eyes*

    angel-eyes* Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 8, 2010
    Hello all. am very new to all this technology so i really need your help.:thinking:

    I recently got an X10 on contract but got so annoyed by the fact that the x10 does not have a calendar as I have to sync with google mail (which i don't want to do). and the phone book is also sync'd to Gmail. I have a gmail account but don't use it that much. I only use it for gtalk with a few friends, 4 to be precise. I am a yahoo mail user. I found the internet connect brilliant and the timescape and mediascape very useful.
    I then went on to order a samsung Galaxy S which I had tired in-store and really loved it. The camera is brilliant.. its way better the the X10. 3/4 of the applications on Galaxy i like especially the calendar as it the major application i use. The down side is It's network coverage is so poor. It does not matter if it's indoors or outdoors. the internet connection is so slow other than that the rest is fine.
    what i would like help with is whether i can have some of the applications on Galaxy like calender, mini diary, layer,and live wallpapers on the Xperia x10. OR if i can have timescape and and media scape on the Samsung instead. I would keep the samsung and put up with the slow internet connection but would really love to keep the X10 if the above can be done.
    Apologies for the very long thread but i thought i should put everything here so that all is clear.:eek:

    I have another thread on the X10 and i wanted to find out more from Galaxy S users to help me decide. thanks you all for looking and posting..xx


  2. jollygoon

    jollygoon Well-Known Member

    Aug 10, 2010
    Well for starters you won't be able to have live wallpapers on tje x10 unless you get a newer version of android on it (2.0 or above) which SE has yet torelease an official version of. So either you flash an unofficial rom onto it or it's a big no.
    With regards to timescape and mediascape, they are both proprietary to SE so it will be highly unlikely for it to be on the SGS so unfortunately that's another no, unless of course someone has developed an app for that which I don't believe they have.
    You can download alternative calender apps from the market as well as layar so that's no biggie, I guess. However as with timescape and mediascape the mini diary thing is proprietary to Sammy so...
    With android phones it really does make sense to switch to gmail and all the other add ons like calender and contacts as the integration is really seamless. I was a yahoomail user up until I got into android and it was a pretty easy transition. You can just export your contacts from yahoo and import them into gmail. For IMing you can just download something like ebuddy that connects you to pretty much any IM account you have.
    As for the poor connection, I can't really say as where I live whatever carrier you're on you get shitty internet anyways so..... *shrug*

    To be fair I was really hankering for an x10 earlier in the year but when I played with it a bit I was really disappointed with the overall experience apart from timescape and mediascape that is. When I got the SGS I was extremely happy and still am as a matter of fact despite a few niggles here and there.
    I'd say go for the SGS but I guess you're bound to get a subjective answerin this sub forum, eh?
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