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samsung galaxy s - problem with internet downloads after having two search engines

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bec_breca, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. bec_breca

    bec_breca Lurker
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    Hi Everyone

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S, and recently just installed Opera Mini, to see what difference it would make to the usual "internet" button.
    Since then, everytime I would launch a download from online website, It would ask me which software to use (internet or Opera)
    I clicked to "use by default" internet.
    My problem now though, is that actually I should have selected a different program like "market"
    Because to give an exemple now, lets say I go on 4shared.com Once I click on download, it relaunches internet and does as if it was a "refresh". But does not download anything at all.
    I was wondering how I could change that?
    If there is a way to get settings for Internet.
    Of course, at the end, could always restore default setting, but that would be the last thing to do
    Hope anyone can help

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