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Samsung Galaxy S USB to PC and charging problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Optimusbrown, Jul 7, 2013.

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    Massive predicament i'm in, if anyone could help i'd appreciate it, i got a samsung galaxy s from a friend, the i9000 but am unable to connect it to pc for Odin, or charge it while it's on. I'm hoping to get this sorted so i can root it and install clockwork recovery/custom ROMs.

    I've searched everywhere for a different way to do it but found nothing. Firstly i'll say everything what is wrong with the phone.

    Won't charge while turned on, makes no indication that it's charging at all, won't power on while on charge.
    Can't connect it to pc to use with Odin, neither Odin, the PC or the phone itself shows any sign of a USB been connected apart from a tiny beep on the phone which says it's charging for literally a second then stops.

    Things i've tried... Factory reset
    usb debugging mode is on
    samsung Kies and drivers
    pc reboot, phone reboot
    Pulling battery, connect USB then plug battery back in
    Fully charge the battery
    cleaned the Micro USB Port
    Tried several chargers and USB cables, official samsung ones and generic
    Searched Google and XDA forums but found nothing.

    The details of the phone/firmware are PDA: I9000JPJVC
    PHONE: I9000JXJV6
    CSC: i9000JPJV7

    One thing i've noticed is the battery isn't an official samsung battery, it just says "battery" instead of samsung, i'm not sure if that would cause this problem or not but wanting to try spend a little more time trying other things before i go out and buy a new battery lol

    If anyone could help me out i'd very much appreciate it :) Thanks in advance!

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