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Samsung Galaxy S vs HTC Wildfire

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by barrbev, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. barrbev

    barrbev Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi All, Im new here and Im just gonna go off and ask a question! Im due for a new phone and Im going to pick either the Samsung Galaxy S or the HTC Wildfire. Ive looked around on the specs pages from my carrier but that's all jibberish to me. I just want to hear some unbiased opinions about the phones in general. Is it easy to work with, fast etc. I hope hearing from anybody! Cheers

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  2. bloodfire

    bloodfire Newbie

    Hi welcome to the forum . Ok first up you can't really compare the galaxy s to the wildfire .
    The wildfire is a midrange spec smartphone and the galaxy is high end . If you want a high end htc
    Phone the you wanna be looking at the desire series or evo 4 if your in the US ? Or the nexus one .
    I own a desire and personally i love it . I havnt used any other htc phones so I can't really give an opinion on those . Without getting to tech heres my 2 cents worth
    Galaxy s has a better screen and larger screen than the desire hd . But not by a great deal
    You would be happy enough with either
    The possessor in the galaxy is supposed to be faster . But I did a head to head test between my
    1st gen desire and my dads galaxy and I could not see any difference in speed . I think if you had
    10 apps running at once on each phone then maybe you would notice some lag on the desire
    But your neve gonna have that many apps open at once
    Both phones have 720p hd video but the desire has a 8 mp camera and the galaxy s has 5
    The one thing for me that makes the desire the phone I'd get is the user interface. Htc sense
    Is brilliant to use . Intuitive and sleek . The galaxy s is not as pretty and can feel cluncky. I think
    If you are gonna live with your phone for possibly 2 years then ui is everything to a phone
    I hope this helps . Both phones are very nice and I'd be happy with either one
  3. 714sithlord

    714sithlord Newbie

    go with the galaxy. i love it free movies (if u know how to do it) suporrts all kinds of video format. loads memory
  4. grainysand

    grainysand Android Expert

    A Wildfire is a crappy, tiny low-end thing. A Galaxy S is a top-end Android phone with a lot of screen real estate and a fast processor/GPU. No comparison.
  5. jackvdW

    jackvdW Guest

    I see you are talking about the galaxy s with kpn. Now i want this sim only card, but the customer service told me to take it with internet on it as an extra... but is that necessary? or just a salespitch... im just using it for online banking and stuff... help me pls! adios
  6. joncape

    joncape Newbie

    Galaxy S is a great, great phone.

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