Help Samsung Galaxy S WiFi forgotten password

Hello guys.

I have a question. I bought the Samsung Galaxy S today and I got internet on it but I want to connect with WiFi when I am at home it all works but there's no option ''Save Password'' so when I want to internet on my router with WiFi, I have to re-type my router password always.

Someone knows how to fix this?

Thank you very much! I really like the Samsung Galaxy S :D



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If you're entering the password in Settings - Wireless and network it should automatically save the details - there's no actual option to select it.


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At the bottom of the settings page you should see a list of available Wifi networks, all I've ever needed to do was select my router from that list then a window pops up asking for the password. Once you've entered that it should be remembered by the phone.
I had the wifi password from my home on my phone but months ago I had my phone replaced. My husband has the password already locked in on his Samsung Galaxy S3 phone but I cant see it. Is there any way possible of making it visible?