May 25, 2011
Ever since i got this phone, about 6 months ago, it has been problem after problem after problem.

My friends who also have the same phone have their own issues, but told me if i do the update it will fix everything. I updated it, and now, it is soooo much WORSE! always freezing, sometimes i don't get peoples text messages, lagging, poor reception and wifi signal, battery runs out really quickly, screen randomly start flashing on and off by itself, constantly having to fatory reset my phone.. and as of today, it's decided it doesn't want to connect to my wifi at all.

I was told when i got this phone, on a plan, that it was the iphone's competition, but after having an iphone previously, the Galaxy S, is a HUGE flop.
2.3 Gingerbread release fixes all these bugs. Heard rooting the phone also fixes a lot of these issues. Do some research my friend. I have never had any of these problems (Telus's Galaxy S Fascinate), but my little brother (Captivate) has had these issues and has had to factory reset. He rooted his Galaxy and never a problem after lagfixes. Also - I'd say wait for 2.3, Supposed to be deadly killer.
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Sometimes after updates it's necessary to clear cache on a smartphone to get it acting properly. Others find that doing a factory data reset can also be helpful. In any event, for more assistance in helping you straighten out your phones challenges, please post your issues to the Samsung Galaxy S forum...

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