Samsung Galaxy S2 1080p FULL HD and 720p MKV Video Playback Test

Nice. Thanks a lot. Did you put the videos on the device using Kies? Also, is it meant to support all video files? I put a video on it earlier that didn't work. Just got my device.



Excellent job! I haven't used the video camera yet but I did transfer a movie to the phone called "The Way Back" [avi file] and it played beautifully. Long movie, though.


actually I feel there is no need to convert anything except you have a space problem. But for this I use an external Harddisk or an USB stick. the SG@ can also read/play *.flv (codec: flv/VC1 or H264) and also *.vob (DVD file format with mpeg2 codecs).
So, except for space(compression) no need for conversion. I play for example all mentioned formats on my SG2 and also through HDMI from my SG2 to my TV.


The only downside is that the SGS2 doesn't read soft subs from MKV using the default player and you have to install a 3rd party one from the market which isn't too bad I suppose.


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MX video has great subs support, its wat i use, although i admit i dont watch that many movies on my phone :D mvideoplayer is also very good, i hear. both are free, and superior to the stock player.


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Dice Player is not free, but its the best video player I've yet found for the SGSII. Hardware decoding, DTS sound supported, excellent subtitle and multiple audio options too.
Samsung Galaxy S2 For video formats and codecs it supports (MPEG-4, H.264, H.263, DivX HD/XviD, VC-1) and video formats (3GP (MPEG-4), WMV (ASF),MKV as well as AVI (DivX).So if you want to enjoy videos and movies on galaxy s2, May be you can try to use Pavtube video converter, it can help you convert videos to the format which suit for galaxy s2.

My problem wasn't actually video playback. It was down to a dodgy memory card. Videos work fine now. Don't even need to convert anything.