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Samsung Galaxy S2 gaming question marks?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stbutt, May 20, 2011.

  1. stbutt

    stbutt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am very anxious to know whether the S2 will be able to play the latest Gameloft titles. The Game Hub only displays old titles and has not been updated since day one. The wap site does not list any of the newer titles nor does the full website. I think it is a GPU issue. If there is no progress in a few weeks i will have to consider changing back to HTC. I was a Desire HD user so HTC sensation is looking very attractive. P.S I have no other problems with the S2. It is a brilliant handset.

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  2. PaulParanoia

    PaulParanoia Newbie

    The newer Gameloft games currently target the Tegra GPU which is not found in the S2. However, someone on the xda-developers forum contacted Gameloft and were told that the newer Gameloft games will be updated to work on the S2 soon.

    There's also a Dev working on a solution which will allow all Tegra games to be played on the S2, but it will be a while until we know if he is successful with this.
  3. stbutt

    stbutt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your reply. But i have to disagree with some of your points. The newer gameloft games are not targeted for the tegra 2 devices because the work perfectly on my old HTC Desire HD and my friends Samsung Galaxy S1. I am sure the problem lies in the new GPU in the S2. Regarding tegra optimized games, i personally think only 2 games are worth playing from them. Samurai Warrior and Galaxy on Fire. The latter is coming to all high end Android devices anyway. I think Samsung should have stuck with the same manufacturer for the S2's GPU and gone with the newer version. Just as HTC did for the Sensation. They stuck with Adreno and updated it 220. I can't see any games compatiblility problems there.
  4. PaulParanoia

    PaulParanoia Newbie

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  5. gilgehmesh

    gilgehmesh Well-Known Member

    This is definitely a source of concern for owners of GS II, at least currently. There are games that simply do not work on GS II at the moment. An example of this is Dungeon Defenders and some of Gameloft titles. As GS II is sold in more regions (i.e. North America) I would hope that software developers would update their games to run on it but who know what will happen.

    OROCHIJIN76 Newbie

    I got my S2 for 2 weeks and I m regreting every penny and moment of it!
    I m a gamer and instead of waiting for iphone5, I got this. Pls don't comment on Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

    So got my S2, played Zynga Poker = hanged, played Inotia3 = hanged
    Both will show high RAM and CPU usage eg RAM 20-50MB, CPU 50-99%
    What the **** is this? They say S2 got high specs eg whatever dual core, what gingerbread or pizza....but cannot play games?????

    Agreed that it is good for other media functions eg movies, camera etc but that to me is secondary!

    Anyone encounter high RAM CPU usage issue?
    Any applications to recommend? Don't ask me to Jailbreak or Root my phone coz it is still under warranty. Furthermore, I don't know much about such action.:mad::(:mad::(:mad::(
  7. Gearu

    Gearu Android Expert

  8. trick202

    trick202 Android Expert

    Posting your little bitch-fit twice won't get you anywhere.

    We're all about solutions here, not just incessant whinging.
  9. Bravo6

    Bravo6 Lurker

    have you thought about buying a PSP or such like if you are mainly concerned with games, like most new devices there are always teething problems but patience usually pays off as developers work extremely hard to rectify issues once they are either announced or become common.

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