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Samsung Galaxy S2 - MTP, USB Driver, KIES

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by allyghee, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. allyghee

    allyghee Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi All,
    I have a samsung G S2 and for the past month something really creepy is going on.

    1. It will not connect to KIES on my PC anymore, not even when i switch PC's and download the latest version of KIES
    2. The Samsung MTP Device driver software will not install on my PC
    3. When i Plug in my phone, i get a device not recognized message from windows.
    4. Even when the device is not plugged into the PC, it keeps on popping up the mtp application indicating device is connected / not connected. this results in an on / off state where the phone keeps on beeping the on off sound.
    5. Some times when the fon is off, it comes on by itself.

    • What is the purpose of setting>>about phone>>software update? it never seems to find any update for my phone.
    • can you get OS and firmware updates through this channel without using the KIES application?
    • How do I know which web service / site my phone is trying to get updates from?
    • Which region is my phone for and where is my official samsung support located?

    phone Information
    Model Number : GT19100
    Android Version : 2.3.3
    Baseband Version: 19100XXKDJ
    Buid Number :GINGERBREAD.XWKE2
    Kernel Number : #2

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  2. mrmax

    mrmax Lurker

    My advice to you would be to forget Kies and move on, its about the worst possible app ive ever used. Tried using it when i got the s2, but there was always one problem after another,

    Dumped Kies and installed the updates via Odin, you can get the updates from samfirmware or xda.

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  3. allyghee

    allyghee Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I also agree, KIES is the worst possible app i have ever encountered. Samsungs customers services is also the worst i have ever encountered, they are even clueless on their own product.

    • If I use Odin, will I get future updates?
    • Can i get future OS updates from Samsung using the phones in built update function?
    • Will Odin entitle me to these updates?
    • if i update via odin, do i need to re-install all my apps?

  4. mrmax

    mrmax Lurker

    Yes, no probs, using odin to update your device isant the same as rooting, you could still download official updates and use odin to flash your s2.

    Odin is just a tool/connectivity utility to update your device, it wont show you what updates are available.

    I used Odin after giving up on Kies, no probs, all data and apps are intact. Still a backup wouldnt hurt!

    Just dump Kies, ive wasted many days on it.

  5. allyghee

    allyghee Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Odin detected my phone and update to version

    Android 2.3.4 (XWKI4)

    NO support for Google video chat.......
  6. Antakar

    Antakar Member

    Hello All,

    From time when i upgraded to 2.3.4 from 2.3.3 through Kies, i am loosing connection with PC.

    Its either when im copying files i get information :
    The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected.
    I am unable to connect back again without disconnecting phone and trying to connect it back ... couple of times because it doesnt want to establish the connection.

    MTP Application is simply locked in state: Synchronising...

    So some of the files are copied over and some dont.
    I am copying to SD card, i formatted it using phone.

    Please advise.
  7. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

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  8. Antakar

    Antakar Member

    Thank you for the tip.

    But the problem is that eventually when i wil connect, and start doing things, after about 5-10min i will loose this connection.

    I tried suggestions in post you provided, i had Phone window with CD card and Phone memory and from time to time i clicked once on one or the other to keep it alive.

    But no luck.

    F***ng Samsung software!
  9. abriguy

    abriguy Lurker

    try going into settings, then applications. select development and check off USB DEBUGGING. plug your phone into your PC. and allow it to search for updated drivers. it should work after this.
    when finnished with these steps go back and uncheck USB DEBUGGING.
    worked for me, i just followed the steps i searched for online.
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  10. Antakar

    Antakar Member

    I found myself in a situation where i couldn't copy almost anything to my phones storage, both SD and external SD. Ive been constantly loosing connection while copying files. It seem that the latest driver or new firmware 2.3.4 is messed up.

    That was when Phone was connected to PC as a...phone.

    But, hey, there is BUT. You can connect your phone as...USB storage device :D

    Go to Settings-->Wireless and network-->USB utilities and choose Connect storage to PC, while having popup saying: Connect USB cable to use mass storage plug usb into the phone and click Connect USB storage and confirm.

    This way both phones SD cards will be visible in system as any other USB drive or pen-drive. IN this mode you will not be disconnected and you will have more operations on files and folders available! :)

    Hope you will find it useful! :)
  11. hyperdud

    hyperdud Lurker

  12. mikeinhull

    mikeinhull Newbie

    KIES lol what can I say about this great piece of software. I've had my galaxy s2 for a few months and have I got it to work with K, have I F*CK. It doesn't detect my phone, I've tried loads of times from when I got it to now, I only use it for the drivers so now I just go into computer on win7 and copy everything to my phone manually, ditch this sh*te cos it's laughable and u gotta feel sorry for samsung for releasing this pile of crap. Even when i took my phone into the Orange shop they couldnt even get it working lol, the phones WOW, wish the software was.
  13. 666wizard

    666wizard Lurker

    Hi all,

    New member so be kind!

    Have had the same problems, got my GS2 on Nov 27th and downloaded Kies V and installed it, after a bit of fiddling I got Kies to connect to my phone and was able to synchonise Outlook. Later on, Kies said an upgrade was available, and like an idiot I installed it... Kies would not now connect, though Windows 7 32 bit recognises the phone and I can browse files on the phone fine, Kies Air works OK as well. I have now uninstalled and re-installed the software (including running the Samsung uninstaller and hacked my Registry clear of all references to Samsung) USB debugger is off, and todays message is (after installing today's latest release - is "Reconnect the device is Samsunk Kies (PC Studio) mode. Current connection mode not supported by Kies".

    Calles Samsung, no joy, they wanted me to hard reset the phone. No way. It's not the phone its the software! Carphone Warehouse say they didn't supply the software so it's not up to them to fix the problem.

    NOT impressed.
  14. steveputman

    steveputman Lurker

    I have also had ENORMOUS problems with Kies. Even when I was eventually able to do a one-off backup, Kies subsequently fell over, and trying to reinstall it was a time-waster, so I am waiting for Samsung to pay a decent software programmer to fix Kies and make it work. They must do this or lose sales - no-one should fail to back up their Mobile and I would not recommend anyone buying a phone that could not be quickly and easily backed up - we are not all geeks. Shame as my Galaxy S II is a really good phone in other respects.
  15. Saurus

    Saurus Lurker

    I'm glad *NOT* to heat that it is not just me that has endless peroblems with Kies. For me...

    Phone is recognised and i can synch et no problem (even did a FW upgrade via Kies) but...

    1) It says that my phone is not supported.
    2) If I try to delete or edit anythign on my phone then Kies freezes and I have to use programme manager to quite it.
    3) I cannot log into my Samsung account - it says wrong user name or password. But I can log in fine directly from my phone.

    Any ideas?
  16. SGTE

    SGTE Lurker

    I have had the Galaxy 2 since mid February and am on my 3rd mobile as a result of the Kies software advising me to upgrade the firmware. When the upgrade was finished the phone was locked and could not boot. Phone was replaced by "3"
    Two weeks later the same thing happened = the phone was replaced by "3".

    Now, the major convenience for me is to be able to synchronise my PC's Outlook with the mobile calendar. We have 2 pc's networked and we synchronise Contacts, Notes and Calendar on a daily basis.
    I always sync' one way: Pc to mobile. This morning my pc had 1512 Contact; after the 1 way sync' my PC has 3,322 Contacts! This has happened with Kies before and this programme is proving most unreliable - I cannot recommend it whatsoever and Samsung are negligent in issuing it with their phones. BTW their, the samsung, support can only suggest the removal of the contacts on the phone by a factory reset.... incompetent too.

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