samsung galaxy s2

How do you load your itunes music into your galaxy??
I am still trying to figure that out too. I am trying to bypass itunes (i guess we have to) and transfer the files into my phone while it is connected to my computer. I also heard the itunehelper or something like that works but it changed names to another company so I am totally confused. Somewhere in the forums are some ideas so search for music or itunes and see if that works. I just got rid of my iphone so this is a challenge! :)


Welcome to the Android Forum - It's nice to have you aboard... Note: Here's an interested read I found. Easiest-way-to-transfer-music-from-itunes-SGS2.

I have linked all varients of your phone, because they're a few carriers who have the same device, and I'm not sure which one you have - go ahead and select the right one for you.
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