Feb 23, 2022
SW Florida
I can't get my phone to "wake up" when a text msg or email arrives. I'm using Google msgs and Gmail, but maybe i need to switch back to the stock samsung apps. I've looked at 5 or 6 videos on this subject, and now i'm totally confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
On the Notification pop-up style page, it says...Show even when screen is off. I have that turned ON, but the edge lighting style only comes on after i open the phone, NOT before. Do i need to have the AOD turned on, or off???:unsure:
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I would try AOD before a factory reset. My S21 flashes in acknowledgement of a notification but the phone doesn't wake up. If I'm not looking at the phone I will miss the flash. It does flash with the animation I chose however. I do have AOD on. Though working, the feature is a bit useless because my phone is always in my pocket. If not for the included sound associated with my notifications, I would not know I had something to address.
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This is a bit of a long shot but in your Samsung's Settings menu there should be a 'Power Saving' option (buried within the Battery menu). Go to pg. 158 in the User Manual for your model:
Try disabling Power Saving and see if that allows Notifications from apps like Gmail and Messages to show up properly.

I ran across a similar issue with my OnePlus phone -- Notifications only from some more obscure apps wouldn't show up properly in the Lock screen but others like for my email and text messaging apps would always continue working OK. It wasn't until I noticed that when I had the Power saving option enabled that also disabled the some haptic feedback and some sounds that I realized this also affected those otherwise unnoticed app notifications.
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