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Samsung Galaxy s3 Mistakenly factory rest.

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 9, 2014.

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    Hello folks,

    I mistakenly factory reset and lost all my data such as voice recordings, Photos/Videos, Whatsapp / Viber data... i need them badly... what happened let me explain...

    Dont know how i factory reset my phone by pressing volume up Home and Power buttons, when it happened i went to my SDcard some of the things were there so it did not worry me anymore. suddenly a window popup-ed and asked for updates i was using Android 4.1 installed by default and many times i had updates so i though its one of that updates i pressed download, when it was done i pressed install and what i see is new version of Android jelly bean 4.3 is installed completely new and i realized i lost a lots of data in phone memory which is Internal Storage, I NEED THOSE DATA BACK ANYHOW PLEASE.

    I tried recovering it by free wares but they do not even detect Internal Storage then i went to buy a software named "Tenorshare Android Data Recovery" which does not work at all, i followed the instructions they given and its still the same does not work i tried let it connected 1 complete date not a single file is recovered.

    This is all i can say Please help me, Please... Thank you in advance millions of times.



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