Samsung galaxy S3 verizon to tmobile



My husband's company just upgraded his phone, which leaves us with an extra Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 (verizon). My daughter is turning 12 this week and it seems like a good time to give her hubby's old phone. However, it would be a lot cheaper for us to add her to my T-Mobile plan rather than hubby's verizon plan. I put my t-mobile SIM card into the phone and it works to make calls and send texts, so I guess it's "unlocked," but the data doesn't work. Is there a simple fix? An app I can download? I keep reading about rooting, but that sounds far too complicated for my little 12-year old. I honestly don't care if she has lightning-speed data, but since I'm paying for it, we might as well try to make it work. Thanks!


Often Off Piste

It sounds like you need to change the apn settings to those for tMobile.

Menu button
System settings
More settings
Mobile networks
Access point names

I don't know the tmobile settings but either ask tmobile or google them