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Samsung galaxy S4 I9500

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Dec 30, 2013.

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    I bought one of these Samsung S4 i9500 unlocked off e-bay for $200 it works but when I opened the box it had a U.K plug in it, does this mean it's not compatible in Canada? I put the sim in it and it doesn't seem to pick up the carrier. It won't call out or text, I should of look into this a bit further before buying it. Is there anything that can be done to the phone so it works here?
    Thank-you for you help :)

  2. Rukbat

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    It has the radios you need to make phone calls, at least, in Canada, so there's probably something else wrong with it.

    As for the plug, any cellphone charger with a microUSB plug (or a USB port to plug in a cable) will work. Buying an aftermarket charger on Amazon is probably a lot cheaper than buying a plug adapter. (Demand probably - the adapter is a LOT cheaper to make.)
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