Jan 19, 2016
Tijuana, Mexico
Ok so my boyfriend has had this phone for a good year or maybe more (I don't remember too well) and it has been working like a dream for him.

About 2 weeks ago he started with this problem, he tries to open a game (that's all he uses his phone for, games and facebook) and the phone will freeze there, just freeze not let him do anything with the game, he can press the home button and close the game but it won't let him do anything with the game. It also does the same with facebook.

He tried a factory reset (which hurt a lot because he lost all his progress on many games), and the problem is still there.

What could be wrong with this phone?
Hi JBCBlank, was the Factory Reset done > Settings > Accounts > Backup and reset > Factory data reset?
Or was it through Full hard reset? Turn off phone > Volume up and Home key and Power key all pressed and held at once.
When phone vibrates - release Power key only and hold other keys until Android System Recovery screen appears. You then use the Volume down key to move to "wipe cache partition" then use Power button to action. Reboot system now is highlighted > Power button to restart device. Then see if it clears the freezing. Neil.
it was just the standard Factory Reset through the menus.
I can't do that to the phone now as we no longer have it. If only you had commented a day or two earlier XD

If we ever get the phone back I will try it on it but as of right now he is contemplating selling it as it is of no use to him. But we'll see.

Thank you for responding.