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Samsung Galaxy S4 Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by humandroidster, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. humandroidster

    Thread Starter


    1. Games can be moved to SDcard, but not the 1 GB+ HD variety. You are left with about 9GB of internal memory for that kind of ventures.

    2. Lags in Contacts and Dialer apps. It still takes a second to open the contacts and logs even after a number of updates. Even premium apps from Playstore are dependant on stock dialer and contacts app.

    3. Heats up a bit while charging.

    4. After every reboot, you get about 1.3 to 1.4GB free RAM. 2GB RAM only available in paper.

    5 Need to recharge it twice a day.

    6. It sliped. It getting a big crack on the upper side is another story.

    7. Safari browser of iOS 7 beta 2
    beats the native browser.

    8. Try Facebook on an iphone and on S4, there is a difference.

    9. Using phone just to make calls on
    an average of 10-20 minutes in 24Hrs, have to charge the device after every 24Hrs.

    10. Airview is not working properly.

    11. Samsung is selling a 16GB version is misnews. They are selling only a 9GB (internal memory) version.

    12. According to Samsung, bloatware eaten internal memory can be freed up with software optimisation. But a recent update only made some of the Galaxy S4's tweaks optional, rather than installing the lot from the off.

    13. The screen is very dim compared to S3 and Note.

    14. Users are jiggerd to find a mysterious function that when they take their eyes away from a plying video, it pauses for nor any apparent reason. Reportedly, they are literate, but not techliterate.

    15. It heats up while playing heavy
    games. GangstarVegas, ModernCombat4, Batman, and Nova3 are few to name.

    16. Hangs.

    17. No sign whatsoever of an imminent camera update.

    18. Motion blurs.

    19. Note 1 beats GS4 hands down with crisp stereo effects and clarity.

    20. Wi-Fi connection is horrendous if you use a D-Link router. Troublesome routers identified as the D-Link DIR-655 and DIR-855.

    21. No FM radio.

    22. Its plastic rear is flimsy.

    23. Camera is slow.

    24. Can be slow to respond when changing modes.

    25. Though megarpixel count enhanced than the 8-megapixel S3, both use the same size of sensor.

    26. Low-light performance is disappointing.

    27. Highest brightness level (display) isn't that great and colours are oversaturated.

    28. The screen goes blue-ish when the phone is tilted, colours look oversaturated unless you change the colour settings.

    29. Screen blurs with fast motion.

    30. Closing every battery draining gimmics, cleaning RAM and cash and keeping brightness at 10-20%, still battery sucks.

    31. Playing 1080ps is not smooth in most formats like mkv, mov ect.

    32. Samsung's Customer Care Service, should be improved with immediate effect. trying to chat online with a customer agent always brings a familiar "No Agents Available" message.

    33. In the interface to send a query directly, cannot select model number from the drop down menu. Hillariously enough, S4 isn't listed.

    34. Replacing factory defective, faulty pieces can be onerous. They might keep on sending you from one W__ section to another.

    35. Updates solve problems and give life to new issues that never existed.

    36. Third party, Non-OEM batteries are notorious for causing reception issues.

    37. By default, the Home button is destined to bring the Svoice when tapped twice. You press Home button once to access home, but it is irresponsive. You press it twice and as destined, it brings SVoice. Now convey your Grieve. (Can open S Voice and turn off the "Open via the home key" option anyway)

    38. According to Samsung service centre, its better to let the Samsung Workshops do the firmware upgrading. Upgrading firmware by Wifi or any other online means, is not up to the mark, can cause troubles. Such practices might bring incomplete new upgrade package of firmware to the phone due connectivity problems.


    1. 3rd update within 1 and half
    month. Samsung is listening to customers.

    2. A recent update fixed bugs in Gallery, contacts and logs. UI is smoother.

    3. It heats up while playing heavy
    games. GangstarVegas, ModernCombat 4 are few to name. But after the upgrade, it is considerably reduced.

    4. Samsung will make a metal
    version of the Galaxy S4.

  2. humandroidster

    Thread Starter

    Display is inferior to what you find on HTC One. Couldnt mention that.
  3. joesixpack

    joesixpack Android Enthusiast

    38 Cons and 4 Pros (which OP even called Cons). Spent an awful long time finding bad things.

    C'mon people, now. Smile on your brother!

    I sense a fanboi...
  4. greenghost2212

    greenghost2212 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah me too lol.
  5. SebaKL

    SebaKL Android Enthusiast

    Can't comment, not playing games.

    The contacts are with tiny delay, but my Dialer pops up instantly:

    Quite regular temperature in here. And I live in tropical place, where ambient temp is always very high. Definitely no hotter than my S3 and Note2

    The Android Ram works nothing like Windows. There is nothing wrong with having that much left. Android manage memory quite well. You have to get over Windows based ram perspective.

    With frequent use of G+ and Currents, mixed with little Instagram and mail reply, and lots of whatsapp, I get easily to 40% after 12 hours.

    I feel your pain. Did that to my S3 on a first day. Skidded across parking lot, getting some nasty concrete bites. Ever since, whenever I go to buy new phone, I go with new case on standby, and put it in the moment I install my sim card in. But that's not really Samsung's fault, right?

    I'm a Chrome sucker. Even on my apple devices I go Chrome. With the bandwidth management and full sync across all my devices, and many other integration, chrome is the first thing I download on a new device. Google ecosystem, I try to use as many google apps as possible.

    I find the S4 far faster, not to mention I can share anything from anywhere. Something you can't do on iphone.

    As said above, great battery life, can't complain. Try turning off location reporting for some of the apps. Also disable sync, like Auto-Backup. Improves life immediately.

    Would you be so kind to specify exactly what kind of problem? Works great here, with gallery, SMS, Mail client etc... You do know that airview is limited to few apps only. Regardless, works very well here.

    Yes, agree. But that's the case with many devices.

    You can disable Samsung's bloatware through Application Manager.

    Seriously, I keep reading and thinking, are we using the same phone. I constantly keep changing the screen to lowest possible, I find it too harsh. Unless outdoor in a bright light, then I yet find a phone that does work great in such conditions.

    You can disable/enable SmartPause from Notification menu. Tho I don't understand the CON of the above comment.

    Never play game on the phone, can't appreciate the screen size. Anyway, try to pay InfinityBlade2 on ipad, you can cook an egg on it in an hour.

    Having it about two weeks, not once. But maybe because I don't play games. I do however, have lots of custom widgets, and I do run lots of photo video apps. I would imagine, working with large video file should cause a problem. Non so far tho.

    What's wrong with your camera? By the way, I have two, native Google Camera/Gallery app, and stock S4. Both works great. I use google just for the photoshpere :)

    Yes, not across the native setting menus, but very visible in places like UCCW setting. Changing background to 99 or 98% black, will fix it instantly.
    Apparently it's the Amoled and HD screens.

    I wouldn't say it even about my Note2, but that's just my personal preference.

    Not a single problem with my D-link. Seriously, my wifi is awesome, at home, public spots and office. Bro, I think the phone is a lemon. Mind me asking what model did you get? I use international LTE 32gb, unlocked.

    Over 50.000 radio stations for free. TuneIn Radio.
    I listen to Riviera Radio all the time, stream it even in my BMW over Bluetooth. It will eat your data, so best using it over Wifi, but you get any station imaginable. Seriously! Mind. Blown!

    I love it. My signal is much better than on my son's iphone 5. Clearly plastic will cause less interference. If I sit down with the phone in my back pocket, no worry of permanently bending it. Check iphone 5 bend ----->

    Yes, a little, agree here. But better than my S3 and Note2, that's for sure.

    Strange, haven't notice. But will keep an eye to reconfirm.

    Honestly, I don't know the actual chip spec. But I clearly see the sharpness and exposure, shadows and highlights, much better than S3 or son's iphone 5.

    Yes, true that. But then again, I yet to find phone that is great in low light.

    Setting - My Device - Display - Screen Mode. Adjust to your liking.

    Can't really see it. I check in my room, and by the window. Any screen protector by any chance? They can adjust the screen colors a bit.

    Mind to elaborate?

    Clearing ram actually will decrease performance and might result in battery drain, by forcing the device to load apps all over, from scratch, as you relaunch them.
    Again, this is not PC. The way ram works is not the same.

    I use lots of mkv. Mostly TV shows. Totally happy with the performance.

    Colonoscopy, 3 times a day, is far pleasurable experience than 5 min with Samsung Customer Service. Totally agree.

    I'm sorry, no idea what are you referring to.

    While I don't enjoy dealing with Samsung Service, I did make a friend with one of the owners of authorized Samsung agent. He take care of all issue, make it really easy. I did bought the first S4 upon launch. And return it to wait for the LTE model. Perhaps something to consider? Take coffee with you, the next time you visit your preferred outlet. Or pack snacks. Works like charm. I do the same with my car mechanic, except, I give him pack of cigarettes. My cars are always on priority when servicing. No joke.

    Not so far. Haven't notice.

    Hence why Samsung recommend using original accessories? Lousy 3rd party product, can't be a CON for Samsung. Many other phone don't even have exchangeable battery, and when it dies, you need to give up entire phone to replace it. Also, when you buy 3rd party 5$ battery, you will get 5$ quality :)

    (metaphor, I do know there is no battery for 5$)

    Exactly. The delay is caused by S Voice, as the phone awaits for the second input. Disable Home key as S voice launcher, and it becomes much faster. If you need S voice, place a shortcut on the desktop.

    So far, all the updates has only improved my phones.

    And that's when I will change brand loyalty. I stay away from metal. I find it impractical, especially in such hot weather here. No joke, the phone would die from over heating just by placing it on a table, in public place.

    uff.... man... that was the longest I have ever committed to one post.

    Even if we don't agree on some things. You much appreciate my effort.

    Buy me a beer ? Can ?

    cheers bro, and good luck with your bundle of disappointment
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  6. joesixpack

    joesixpack Android Enthusiast

    Now THAT was impressive! For those about to rock, we salute you :rock: !
  7. joesixpack

    joesixpack Android Enthusiast

    You call the updates a Pro (I think?) when it was the biggest Con of all (and I mean "con" in the literal sense of the word)! If I have to trade the inability to root FOREVER for Apps2SD and HDR video, I reply with a heartfelt NO THANKS!
  8. humandroidster

    Thread Starter

    Listed here is just the tip of the Iceberg. You can check my signature link for more. Even I couldnt end my 156 (556kb) text files (full on cons and a bit of pros). They still reside in my Hard Disk.
  9. humandroidster

    Thread Starter

    Android shouldnt have created in the first place. What the heck Google got from it? Just troubled a well established brand, Nokia. iphone just opened a CandyShop in Cupertino, Calif. Did Samsung had any benefit from joining the BV? Or is it Taboo2talk? Android is a misstep of Google execs.

    Sent form Nokia 6630.
  10. humandroidster

    Thread Starter

    Just releasing a bunch of stacks once a while and not developing a considerable dedicated hardware system for it and then again buying a dying breed, Motorola? Even Google is an accidental success story. This Google and hyphone fueled Mobile Computing Phenomenon is a Hype that is about to die soon. I am a Windows (PC) guy.
  11. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Huh? :thinking:
    If your problem is with Android, why fight it? Go with iOS, WP8, Symbian, Firefox, whatever. Just be happy with your phone. :)
  12. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    Do you work for Apple or HTC by any chance?

    You seem to spend a lot of effort rubbishing a phone that you don't even own.
  13. trucky

    trucky Android Enthusiast

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but in my opinion the "Mobile Computing Phenomenon" is neither Hype nor about to die soon. This is the direction of technology now. You can either embrace it or not. The evolution of Android and how it works in mobile devices seems to have just a hint of advantage in the world market over Windows devices. Press on.
  14. Nick The Great

    Nick The Great Well-Known Member

    If I hated something that much, I'd move on. And I'm kinda stubborn and petty!
  15. marine one

    marine one Well-Known Member

    I'm sitting here thinking about how I'd like to introduce the OP to my ex-wife.
  16. humandroidster

    Thread Starter

    Alright, what rocks most? In my humble opinion, vBulletin rocks like hell. They can hide signatures and even stats for any selected single thread. That really Rocks and Sucks too.
  17. trucky

    trucky Android Enthusiast

    Focus man... stay on track.
  18. xiteg79

    xiteg79 Member

    OP do you even own the GS4? From a sig I just saw of yours it appears you were posting from a Nokia.

    I have had my GS4 for about 4 weeks now and the ONLY issue I have is with my wifi draining my battery. Other than that I can easily go a day on a single charge. I am constantly on facebook and texting. I also have a live wallpaper that I run and still talk about 2 hours a day along with using bluetooth in the car and still have plenty of battery.

    By the way, have you ever seen a dropped iphone? Word of advice, do not drop your phone.

    It almost seems like you want everything out of a phone. The primary purpose of the phone is to talk. If you want a computer get a laptop or tablet.
  19. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    It might be really helpful if humandroidster could state which of the 13, yes! 13, Galaxy S4 model versions he was reviewing, along with firmware he is running, as they all have different firmwares and/or hardware.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 model variants
  20. jj14x

    jj14x Android Expert

    umm - what exactly is wrong with the link that ironass posted? Seems to work fine.

    And regarding signature, do consider the possibility that you may not have set up your signature correctly (instead of assuming that vbulletin is not working) - because as you can see, other folks are able to display their signatures just fine.

    SebaKL patiently responded to each of your "Cons", and you have absolutely nothing to respond to that detailed post (except something about this being the tip of the iceberg, and something about some 156 text files that you created listing your problems?? Really?)

    This is a phone - if you don't like it, just switch to another phone! If you actually want help with specific issues of your S4, then, read the responses that other helpful (and incredibly patient) folks have provided to you in this thread.

    (what's next? 237Kb text files about issues with vbulletin?)
  21. backdoc77

    backdoc77 Member

    21. No FM radio

    lol, really?
    try iHeart radio

    Seriously, very nitpicky. I love this phone and am having NONE of the issues in that list.
  22. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Signatures here show up once per thread.

    The back and forth here has been cleaned away and I think that this is more about stirring up interest for a blog review than anything really helpful for our members.

    Anyone having any issues with this, tap my name, drop me a line, my door is always open.

    I'll answer all questions the best that I can but sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it's not.

    Cheers, thanks! :)

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