Samsung Galaxy S4 unwanted connection to Wifi


I’m currently in the process of getting to know a Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-1337 AT&T) purchased this past month and encountering it connecting to the Wifi network on it’s own. I can’t seem to figure out what triggers this. Possibly there is something simple in the settings mode that I’ve overlooked. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Sure I've read about this before with certain US carrier version Samsungs, automatically connecting to any open WiFi that they finds, even if there's no internet access, landing pages with sign-ins and pay-walls, etc. A very undesirable feature indeed. It may have something called "Connections Optimizer", see if you can disable it or not.


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Is Developer Options enabled? If so, have a look and see if there is a check in the Networking area which connects to any WiFi in close proximity.