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Samsung Galaxy S5 Backup PIN Issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by samwisegamgee20, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. samwisegamgee20

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    I inadvertently entered my screen lock password incorrect 5 times for my Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V, and now my phone is locked. It asks for my Backup PIN password, but the PINs I thought it would be did not work. Since I do not know what the PIN is nor remember setting up back up PIN, I logged into my Verizon account to find the default PIN. The default PIN won’t work either.

    I attempted to go to Google’s Android Device Manager to lock and unlock my phone that way, but I get the following error:

    "Since google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password that you entered won’t be needed"

    A password somehow is still sent to my phone, but I am not able to enter a password at all. I attempted to press the emergency call, to get the keyboard to come up for the ADM password, but I’m only returned to the backup PIN page.

    Any ideas on how to get back into my phone without a factory reset? Would there be a way to connect my phone to my computer and find out the backup PIN that way? If there is no way to do it, is there a way to save/move my contacts? Thanks for any help.

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  3. AZgl1500

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    If your contacts are linked to Google, no worries....
    if you had your contacts only to "phone" then you have a problem if they are not backed up somewhere.

    I once made your mistake, but no more.... in your same exact circumstances, I was forced to FDR the phone and rebuild it from scratch.

    Now I use Super Backup on a schedule to automatically make backups to the SD card, and to my email address, plus I make it a point that all contacts are to the Google Account, never on 'phone'. That gives me 3 backups in case the phone dies (tech glitch VZW could not fix ) ...... which it did last week :( I did not loose anything of value.....

    I did have to spend about 12 hours going to each app and setting up the configurations like I want them.... my phone is not rooted, so no data is saved Kies or full Backup of apps...

    No, there is another option, did you perchance have this app installed? MyPhoneExplorer lets you access a broken phone while locked...

    if that app already exists on your phone, all you have to do is boot up the PC version of it, plug the USB cord to the phone and you can retrieve the Contacts and SMS messages. No data stuff though, pictures, documents, etc...

    * MyPhoneExplorer works even when locked and can't access screen

    * Super Backup : SMS & Contacts - Android Apps on Google Play

    In addition to all the above, I use Nova Prime Launcher so that I can save all of my HomeScreens and Folders to the SD card, and also to my email account.

    Once you rebuild the phone, and all of the apps have reinstalled and updated, THEN you go to the Nova Prime backup file and click on it.... Wallah!!! the entire phone is rebuilt in about 30 seconds and ready to go.... it looks and works exactly like it did before.

    * Nova Launcher - Android Apps on Google Play
    Verizon: Note 4, two ea. Galaxy S5, HTC One M9, VZW MiFi $212/month :(

    MyPhoneExplorer lets you access a broken phone while locked

    Nova Prime, Textra, Aqua Mail, Qi wireless equipped
    MacroDroid can help extend battery life
    MacroDroid senses Screen off, turns Wifi OFF
    MacroDroid senses Screen UnLock, turns WiFi ON
    PureVPN when using a public WiFi
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  4. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    5 times and it wants to FDR the phone?
    you need to go into Settings and fix that, set it to the Maximum of 10 wrong tries.

    And, the next time you enter passwords, make them visible and save a ScreenShot of every screen in the process, and write down the info, right then and there.... I then transfer all of that over to Evernote which is a cloud based Database accessible on any device/PC.

    * Evernote - Android Apps on Google Play
  5. samwisegamgee20

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    Thanks for the help. I'll look into following those procedures in the future. I actually just found out some more information from Verizon about fixing the issue (I know customer service actually did some helpful for once). While it may seem inconvenient, Google will automatically unlock your phone after 72 hours without erasing any data or content on your phone. After that time frame, the phone will supposedly reset, and allow you to log into your phone with your regular password/pattern as if nothing ever happened. Below is part of my conversation with Verizon explaining this:

    "BARBARA : Google has input a security measure that will have you locked out for 72 hours, but we can do the factory reset that will allow the phone to be unlocked.

    You : Ok. I tried going to android device manager earlier to reset the password that way, but got this error "Since google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password that you entered won’t be needed". From there it still pops up on my screen that ADM locked the phone, but I'm still not able to enter any new password. Also, what you're saying is, if I wait 3 days, then I will be able to unlock phone regularly then, or is that only in reference to locking your phone with the ADM?

    BARBARA : Ok. Thank you. Yes Google will automatically unlock the phone after 3 days, but I would really hate for you to not have access to your phone for that long.

    BARBARA : Have you gone to this website?

    You : Yea I've been to the website. Now just to clarify things, Google will automatically unlock my phone after 3 days (i.e. remove the requirement for me to enter in my backup PIN, and allow me to just enter in my normal pattern)? Or will it just unlock the password sent via ADM, and I will still have to enter in my backup PIN?

    BARBARA : After the 72 hour hold period by google, your phone will unlock and you will be able to input your information like normal.

    You : And there's no one I'd be able to contact at google to help I take it?

    BARBARA : Google put the security measure into all phones that have password capability that if the password is put in wrong 6 times or more the phone is locked for 72 hours. You can certainly speak directly to google but it is an automatic 72 hour hold."

    Of course 3 days without a phone could seem like an eternity, so they did say that you could just activate another phone for the time being, and then reactivate the affected phone after those 3 days with no issue to losing data, pics, text, etc. So I guess I will go sans cell phone and just wait 3 days. Seems so easy a cave man can do it.
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