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Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NiamhCorry, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. NiamhCorry

    NiamhCorry Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So I guess I'll start from the start, my S5 has been decreasing in battery dramatically as well as overheating as of recently and that normally doesn't bother me until today I discovered my phone simply isn't charging anymore. After trying about 4 different cables,different sockets and plugs as well as going into safe mode and removing caches nothing seemed to be working. I tried charging with my phone off and it will vibrate, light up with the battery and lightning symbol but not charge and will repeatedly load this screen. I even contacted the Samsung Help Chat but they weren't much help simply saying that it probably needs to be fixed via courier or in shop but that's far to expensive for such an old phone.
    Any help?

    The phone is officially turning itself off when I turn it on despite claiming 15% battery:rolleyes:

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  2. How old is the battery? Is it original or has it been replaced?
    Pull it out and see if it is swollen, if it is get a new one and that may fix your problems. If it still has the same behavior with a known good battery there may be a hardware problem with the phone.
  3. NiamhCorry

    NiamhCorry Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The battery is the original battery, it's about 2-3 years old and I've tried the technique of spinning it to see if it's swollen but it didn't suggest either way as it didn't spin very quickly. I may try a new battery.
  4. philayl

    philayl Android Expert

    Hi, as Mulder said sounds suspiciously like a faulty battery, if you have had 2 to 3 years out of this one you are doing exceptionally well, my phone is 3 years old and I am on my third battery. Phil
  5. NiamhCorry

    NiamhCorry Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I actually tried a battery swap at my local Phone Repair shop and it didn't help unfortunately so I'm wondering if it is an issue with the charger port.
  6. philayl

    philayl Android Expert

    Hi, it is possible to get debris in the USB port, try blowing it with a can of compressed air. Phil
  7. LusciousTEBF

    LusciousTEBF Lurker

    I replaced my battery 3 months ago. I have eliminated apps, disabled (as best I can) apps I don't use. I was so happy after the new batterybecause my phone was cool & no charging issues.

    After the last update everything changed. If I try to charge while using, it continues to lose power. My phone heats up to 178° - ridiculous! This happens even on power-saving mode. Now it heats up to the point where it shuts down from being so hot. This directly affects my income, as my job requires mileage for reimbursement & some clients addresses are not on a map.

    I'm open to suggestions. Namasté
  8. Saigawei

    Saigawei Lurker

    The update seems to have gone badly somehow if it makes your phone cook itself! That's a bad carrier and they should make good; just get a full backup of your app data and various Downloads, DCIM and Pictures or wherever files got put. S6 Edge+ replacements; they're good for it ($0 from you.) Or hey, an E11 is tolerable...?

    Were you perhaps able to enable developer mode or otherwise show CPU use (with something that should be an evocative app name, like Peel smart remote) or simply look through mobile data usage to find the culprit that likes to bake using your CPU? If you can't remove or 'lock' (in app manager; it's a quarantine from app startup) the app or clear its cache (in case that actually stops its bad behavior instead of just forgetting minor state.)

    Maybe there's an 'antivirus' in busy mode all the time, making an idiot of itself? Even leaving the WiFi on when you're not near a trusted WiFi takes some power, but not enough to get 100 degrees hotter on a tolerable day.

    I'd point to the root/ROM solution, but it varies between G900A,V,F,C...all those sub-models, with some difference in CPU.

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