alan white

May 22, 2017
Hi my Samsung has started to develop the screen burn in issue most users of this device gets. My question is does the screen burn into the glass or the lcd screen? I'm thinking if it's the glass then maybe it's not to much to get that replaced. However if it's the lcd the. Obviously it's going to be more expensive.
It's in the LED screen I'm afraid.

The screen "burn in" is really more of a "burn out". Organic LEDs lose brightness with usage. Hence if there are areas which are constantly lit the LEDs there become dimmer than those around them, which then results in a negative image being visible when you display something else, especially a uniform colour (where the pattern is most obvious).

It happens quicker if you run the screen at full brightness, which is why it can develop very quickly in display models in shops (which are run for weeks on end at full brightness, mostly showing the same image).