Help Samsung Galaxy S5 no longer saving files to SD properly


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My Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 Model SM-G900V running Android 5.0 with Kernel 3.4 is no longer saving files to the SD card. When I try to take pictures and view then in Gallery I see a black screen with an exclamation point icon. If I change the settings to save to the phone I can save pictures to the phone memory. If I switch the settings back to save to the sd card the phone will appear to save the picture to the SD card and the photo can be viewed in the gallery but after about a day when I go back to look at the photos I will only see black with the exclamation point icon.

I noticed another unusual symptom. Some files save as from the the play music app or a pod cast app but when they can play it is audio for something different. For example the audio from a podcast app plays when it should be music or music plays when it should be a podcast.

Old files that were saved to the SD card in the past do not seem to be effected. This happened in the past and replaced the SD card. I have had the same problem with two different SD cards now. I did a factory reset of the phone and I have already tried taking the SD card out and trying to repair errors using a PC.


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I have two S5 phones.

I am going to suggest that the extSDcard in your phone is corrupt and that you should replace it with a "Known Good Brand" that you purchase from a local brick and mortar store. Get the best your wallet can afford.