Samsung galaxy s5, sony experia z3 or lg g3. Cant decide which to get?



My contract ends this month and for the first time i might pay a little extra on my contract and go for something decent but am having a hard time deciding. I am no technology buff i know very little about the phones in question apart from a few things i've read but i am torn so opinions needed please.

Samsung galaxy s5?
The mrs had an s2, really liked the device and as far as i know samsung phones have a good reputation.

Sony experia z3?
Like the sound of the waterproofing and the 20.7mp camera

Lg g3?
Know the least about this phone but the guy in the phone shop said its what he would go for and the screen resolution was really impressive.

Any input would be really appreciated as i am very confused and unsure thanks


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TBO, you really can't go wrong with any of those phones. I'm still on a G2 and love it to this day. The G3 would be a fine upgrade for me, but I think the screen res is just a bit overrated. Despite it's high PPI it's still pretty dim compared to the S5's.
Go For the S5 or the Z3.

The LG G3's battery life is not hat great, also the high resolution display can have negative effect on performance.

I Would go with Z3 personally, Sony's overlay/skin is pretty light and it's mostly stock Android which is a huge plus for general performance.


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Thanks for both your input

I am kind of leaning a bit more toward the z3, im a tradesman so the fact that its dust and waterproof makes it quite appealing


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The S5 is dust and waterproof too. So either way you'd be fine. Although I'm more concerned on the Z3's apparently glass back, which makes the battery non-replaceable. I'd prefer a replaceable one.

As for specs, meh, apart from the S5 having a 16MP camera, hardware is nearly the same. They even have the same CPU and GPU.

Either way, whichever you buy, you'd be doing good.


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S5 is water RESISTANT, not waterPROOF. If you look at GSMArena, they use the Z3's camera in 8MP mode as a REFERENCE camera. That means they are consider it good enough to calibrate other cameras against it. The 20.7MP mode is on-par with the LG G3 and Galaxy S5.