Help Samsung Galaxy SL (Menu + Back Button KeyLight Problem)

Hi guys! There is 1 question that I wanted to ask... Few days ago I noticed that my Galaxy SL starts doing some wierd stuff like when I press/touch on the menu button (left hand side) or the back button (right hand side), sometimes the white backlights light up and sometimes it doenst.

Here's the link to the video : Samsung Galaxy SL (Menu + Back Button KeyLight Problem) - YouTube

Is this firmware problem or hardware? Because I remembered dropping my fon accidentally once a few weeks ago. Or shud I upgrade the firmware that mayb it will solve my problem??

Thx a million guys... =)


=Luceat Lux Vestra=
Hello Marcus. That looks pretty strange, I don't recall seeing that in particular on any Android device.

I'd be inclined to take the phone to the purchasing point for an exchange.

But first perhaps a factory data reset would remedy the issues.


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Hey thx for ur reply Frisco. :) Well, I tried the factory reset and I back up all my stuffs into my fon after the reset bt it was still the same... Haha nt sure wat is happening bt at least the buttons are still working lols...

Are u using the Galaxy SL also?:rolleyes: Well, I think thr is sumthin to do with the light sensors infront (top left hand corner) and the auto brightness settings...