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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - worth buying?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rumbataz, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. rumbataz

    rumbataz Guest
    Thread Starter

    Virtually every review of this tablet is extremely positive, however i've read numerous reviews from users who say it's not as good as they thought it would be.

    So, for those who have invested in a Samusng Galaxy Tab 10.1, has it met or exceeded your expectations?

    I plan on buying one from Dixons duty free next week but it's a lot of money to spend so I need to be sure it'll be worth it!

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  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    Depends, what would you like to use it for?
  3. catfanintn

    catfanintn Lurker

    Absolutely love mine. Got it about 3 weeks ago and use constantly. Just saw the ASUS for the first time the other day and might have had a tough decision if I had seen it before I got the Galaxy 10.1. No regrets from me, though.
  4. rumbataz

    rumbataz Guest
    Thread Starter

    ^ That's the thing, the Asus Transformer is the other tab on my very short shortlist!
  5. rumbataz

    rumbataz Guest
    Thread Starter

    1. Web surfing (need a very good screen in all lighting conditions and one that can show a lot of detail clearly);

    2. Email (from multiple different email systems);

    3. Many different Android apps from the Market (from games to utilities to productivity apps);

    4. Social networking (mostly Facebook);

    5. Good GPS reception for positioning apps and nav.

    Those are the main uses for me.

    I already have an HTC Desire so want a tab for apps that need a larger screen (like Web surfing).
  6. RajCaj

    RajCaj Well-Known Member

    Web surfing is great. There is a bit of web form typing lag that you get with stock Honeycomb. The most recent TouchWiz update from Samsung fixes this. Of couse you have access to Flash content, and the native browser felt better than the one that came stock in the Acer Tablet.

    Email works fine...I have my hotmail & Gmail set up...with a nifty Honeycomb widget that allows you to preview your email without opening up a client...but again, this is an Android thing.

    I was supprised at the lack of apps designed for the tablet. To be fair, my GF has an iPad2 and there aren't many apps written specificlly to take advantage of the tablet sized UI for iOS either. But some of the big staples are missing like Netflix & Hulu. (Although, there is a workaround for Netflix). Skype doesn't have video calls enabled....and most games are just ports written for phone sized screens.

    There is still no native app for facebook (but none for iPad2 either), but there are much better apps you can use in place. Friendcaster is one I have downloaded for facebook and its pretty awesome.

    I can't comment on navigation, as my tablet is Wi-Fi only.

    Most of the things your looking to do has more of a difference between iOS & Android than there being a difference between Android Tablets.

    If you've already decieded to go with an Android tablet, the biggest difference you'll find between the Galaxy & Asus would be...

    Size & Feel. The Asus is thinner than the Moto Zoom.....but the Galaxy is considerably thinner & lighter (at a cost). The Galaxy is the closest Android tablet to the size & feel of the iPad2 (If thats your thing)

    Ports. I think both require adapters to their propriatary ports for USB. However, the Asus comes with expandable memory slots & an optional keyboard that has a few more USB slots built in. Big thing though...Galaxy has no expandable memory.

    UI. I think Acer has its own thing installed, but all the screen shots I've seen looks like a stock Honeycomb experience. Samsung has released their latest TouchWiz UI update (for WiFi only so far) that "lightens" up the desktop experience and fixes some UI issues Honeycomb had.
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  7. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    I think the SGT 10.1 is fantastic for most all of that except maybe productivity. But the Asus wouldn't be much better at productivity.

    I think it mainly comes down to whether you want 3/4G because you will travel with it a lot, or keep it as a home device.


    That's my $0.99 anyways
  8. Angelsfan

    Angelsfan Member

  9. rumbataz

    rumbataz Guest
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the comprehensive replies, guys.

    A couple more Q's:

    1. Can I plug the Sammy into my HD TV via a HDMI slot?

    2. What is the real-world battery life like? I know that the Asus batter life is excellent, but how many hours of real-world usage do you guys get with the Samsung?
  10. Petitbarzun

    Petitbarzun Newbie

    1 There is an optional HDMI out cable available

    2 Battery life: somewhere between 12 and 15 hours depending on use
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  11. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Android Enthusiast

    I had three Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices and all of them were defective. I returned it for a refund (thank you, Amazon.com) and went with an Asus Transformer. Here's why:

    - The Transformer now supports Netflix.

    - The Transformer has an SD card slot, so you can easily transfer files and/or load it up with movies/music/pictures, if you wish.

    - The Transformer has Android 3.2, while the galaxy Tab 10.1 has Android 3.1 with TouchWiz (if you elected to to install TouchWiz). Andriod 3.2 fixed a bug to where apostrophies were being displayed as HTML code.

    - The Transformer does NOT require a special driver to be recognized in Windows 7. Just plug it in, and drag/drop files.

    - The 32GB Transformer is ~$140 cheaper than the 32GB Galaxy Tab, and does the exact same thing.

    So with those advantages, why would you pay more money for a Galaxy Tab? I understand not all of them are that way, and there are thousands of happy Galaxy Tab customers. My experience with it was poor, and it's too bad as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a sexy device and I WANTED it to work out. But I'm happy with the Transformer as it does everything the Tab does.... and the important thing is that my first Transformer worked properly out of the box, unlike my 3 Galaxy Tabs.

    Good luck if you get one... I hope you don't have the same problems I did.
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  12. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    ^Useful post-- especially just to give a different perspective from the people who are here in the SGT forum section :)
  13. mrsbelpit

    mrsbelpit Android Enthusiast

    You simply can't go wrong with either the Transformer or the GT 10.1. If the form factor of light and sleek appeals to you over ports, the GT is the way to go. If you need the ports, the TF is the way to go. Both have excellent screens and viewing angles. I prefer the GT, but I would have been happy with the TF.
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  14. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    While we love our GT 10.1, if you're willing to wait, Toshiba is coming out with an even thinner one:
    Toshiba announces AT200 tablet, 10.1-inch display and only 7.7mm thick -- Engadget
    I was able to use my wifi one with Nav this past weekend (tethered to my Droid). It worked amazingly and was fun to watch the maps on a huge screen.
    The browser works very well. Netflix works great on it (being rooted and with the hacks helps). I don't carry a ton of files/music/movies on it, so being restricted to 16gig is fine. No need for HDMI out here, but it can be done as the above post says. Still a little bummed there's no Twitter or FB tablet optimized apps since I use them a bit, but Friendcaster works okay.
    Honestly I wouldn't pay $500 for this since that's how much my laptop costs, but with the (now unavailable) $100 off coupon for Staples, I was sold. I have a rooted Nook Color with CM7, and I loved the tablet mobility, but it was just too laggy for my. With the GT 10.1, all those issues are removed.
  15. artbytes

    artbytes Android Enthusiast

    Where did you get the Staples coupon?
  16. xlnja

    xlnja Newbie

    I had an iPad before buying the SGT 10.1. I had screen issues with my first SGT 10.1 (Newton's rings), but I returned it and my replacement has been problem free. I realized that when I left the Apple ecosystem I would be losing a lot of tablet Apps that I really liked, but I ultimately felt I could do without them in place of the better open UI experience with the SGT 10.1 (and Android Honeycomb in general).

    To tell you the truth, I think 95% of the population doesn't even need a tablet. I happen to fly every week, so a tablet is perfect for me as mainly an entertainment device that is light and has a great battery life (as opposed to a laptop). When not on the plane, I don't use it that much.
  17. cds0699

    cds0699 Android Expert

    I love my Galaxy Tab 10.1
  18. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    Planning to buy a tablet veeery soon. I travel quite a lot and carrying my laptop around has become a burden (just a small HP Envy 14+slice battery)and SGT 10.1 is number 1 on my list. There also is the Transformer (a bit chunky though) and there is not much else out there really. Hope to become a member of the SGT Community soon.
  19. alackman

    alackman Android Enthusiast

  20. kidsavior

    kidsavior Well-Known Member

    I use my SGT 10.1 everyday. Its just easier than booting up the PC or Laptop. Email, websurfing, casual gaming are all just easier on the Tab. It portable and can be used anywhere and tethered to my phone its even better. It is one of the best purchases I have ever made.
  21. Pojken

    Pojken Well-Known Member

    My friend has an iPad and was saying how convenient it was and so on. I love Android so I thought this would be great. I am sorely disappointed.

    First, the battery runs out as quick as my phone. Perhaps I'll notice a difference with the WiFi sleep policy change (when screen turns off). I had it on never sleep, which is dumb because I have the Wifi model. However, the only way I get past a day of mild usage is if the WiFi is turned off completely.

    Second, the transformer outlet plug. Why the hell does it have to use ONLY Samsung's? That's low. I keep a generic USB outlet plug at work and was hoping to just carry my cord as "backup" in case I needed power. Nope, can't do it. I can't even charge it via my computer! (Yeah, it draws more power, blah blah blah... but seriously... why not a pop-up telling us that it will charge slower rather than this weird X over the battery?)

    Third, the 30 pin connector. Why couldn't they give us a secondary micro USB port for charging and whatever else? At first, this didn't irritate as much, but then I encountered the issue in the second point.

    Fourth, after the update, it randomly turns off while charging. Last night, I plugged it in and after a few minutes, I came back to check something. It wouldn't turn on. I thought it might be the extension cord (for whatever reason) and so I plugged it into another spot and turned it on. Then I went to bed. This morning, it was off again. WHY!?

    Fifth, screen lag. On my other phones and a friend's iPhone, Sketchbook Mobile works flawlessly. On the 10.1, it dots and lags. This isn't just SBM's issue. Even their own note taking fastapp (or whatever it's called) has lag issues. You can't draw a damn thing that doesn't look like a five year old did it (and I can actually draw).

    Sixth, that damn screen capture button that came with the new update. How do I get rid of it? I like the option to screen capture, but I don't need it every freaking minute.

    Seventh, when is that damn bluetooth keyboard coming out? Yeah, that's just a gripe. I need a keyboard because I am going to do some study/research and am HOPING that this will be a decent way to write on the fly. I have a feeling I am just going to waste 100 euros on it. I doubt it, but I really hope that the charge plug will have a 30 pin AND a micro USB so that you can charge both at once if you wanted. (Seriously, I'd understand if it wasn't a Samsung product like Logitechs, but since it is, they should provide a way to integrate dual charging since these products are pretty much bound at the spine. I dislike the idea of having to draw out two cables and two transformers to get the job done.)

    Please tell me I am wrong on these issues. Please tell me how to fix them if you can. I regret having bought it from the US with no option to return it.

  22. substring

    substring Android Enthusiast

    If you end up with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, you will not regret it. It is the most beautiful and most elegant Android tablet out there.

    I have the 4G Tab 10.1 for more than a month now. Initially, I have some battery drain issue. But it was a user error :) . After I corrected that, the battery life has been great. Besides that, I don't have any issue at all.

    I have not installed any UI update. First of all, it is not available for 4G version yet. Secondly, it does not pay to be on "the bleeding edge" anyway. I usually wait for a few weeks at the minimum to see if the update has any issue before committing. And frankly, my Tab is working just fine without the update. So there is no rush whatsoever. :)

    I could be wrong, but since the 4G version came a few months after the WiFi version, I believe Samsung has fixed some of the previous problem as reported by the early adopters. Therefore, I suggest you to buy the 4G version and not the WiFi version. You will love it. :)
  23. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    I appreciate your advice. Because thethering also drains my phone's battery, I think I will prefer the 3G version (I live in Europe).
  24. zipur

    zipur Member

    Sound to me like you want to look at the Ipad2 or the 3 soon to be released. All these feature work out of the box, polished and stable. Plus the googles of apps and accessories
  25. zipur

    zipur Member

    I don't agree. I think 95% of people NEED tablets not a laptop. For example my Father picked up a sony laptop just to get on AOL and exchange messaged with his old military buddy and checked bill payments. Tabs are more portable, faster, durable and in some cases cheaper. Most people are not doing spread sheets or processing work docs (Since most are company provided laptops)

    In my view Tabs will rule the world!

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