Help Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 _ Why can't I print?


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 _ Can't print
Have a Canon Pixma MG 3250 printer connected (WIRELESS!!) to my SONY laptop (Windows 7), and I can print with no problem.
My wife has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet, and we are trying to get it to 'join the club', ie to print - to no avail. We have got so far that the tablet seems to recognise the printer, but no further; it won't print.
Can anyone help????

(In the Samsung blurb, there is something about it having to be connected to a Samsung printer, but I can't believe it)


Android Expert
I have HP printer I am using with my tab 10.1 so not sure. I guess try one out and see if it has the features you like. I think I went through several before I found one that was easy to use.