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Samsung Galaxy virtual keyboard (K4 firmware)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KlaymenDK, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ok, so the Samsung Galaxy K4 firmware update includes a new virtual keyboard alternative, named "Samsung keyboard", in addition to the stardard "Android keyboard". :)

    (Sorry, I have yet to succeed in taking screen shots; I will post some if I find any.)

    What are your thoughts on this?

    [​IMG] There are a bunch of different layouts ("Qwerty", "12 keypad", "20 keypad"), all accessible from a popup menu.

    [​IMG] All layouts seem to be missing a shift key (relying instead of a popup selection for "abc"/"Abc"/"ABC"/"Numeric and symbols"/"Emoticons"), and there seems to be no press-for-variants feature to access characters with umlauts.

    [​IMG] You can set the keyboard language. Available languages are: Automatic (based on carrier?), English, German, Dutch, Polish, French, Czech, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

    [​IMG] All layouts use T9 prediction, and the dictionary adapts to the selected language. Also, it appears that the dictionary is not shared with the Andoid user dictionary (accessible within Settings->Locale).

    Personally, ...
    :cool: I like that they've done it. It shows that Samsung have not completely given up support for this device, that they do have developers assigned to it.

    :cool: The keys are nice and large, and they've made good use of the landscape format. I don't know if they are using a context-sensitive key-enlarging-function like HTC have, but my typo rate seems to have decreased.

    :mad: I find the lack of a shift key very inconvenient, especially when entering passwords. Having to open a popup to enter a capital is two, three, maybe four additional taps -- they could have made much better use of long-press and off-key swipes.

    :mad: The lack of the press-for-variants feature means that, if you require umlauts, you must either switch to the appropriate language or, if it doesn't exist, use another keyboard. Since none of the Scandinavian languages are supported, I cannot use this keyboard. What a shame.

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  2. RellikZephyr

    RellikZephyr Well-Known Member

    may i ask where you got the K4 firmware from??

  3. Andronix

    Andronix Android Enthusiast

    fw is one thread away from this one :)

    tnx RellikZephyr for making my day
  4. pasxal

    pasxal Newbie

    Nothing special. Sometimes it feels more responsive but it laggs. Also it makes dificult to add symbols and it's sth i use it a lot. Its exactly the same keyboard behold has. They didnt even bother to change the colours in order to fit with the vanilla.
  5. RellikZephyr

    RellikZephyr Well-Known Member

    ha ha yes i opened that thread checked first post link was removed

    so i moved on, if i had read on more i would have found it

    but i guess im too impatient

    have K4 on phone now im happy with improvements


  6. dragon2611

    dragon2611 Newbie

    I think I prefer the Android Keyboard they added in this firmware :D

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