Oct 13, 2010
Hello, and thank you in advance for your assistance. I am not certain the correct place to ask this question as I did not see a Xcover Pro subforum. If there is a better place to ask this please let me know.
I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, I purchased it from Amazon as Verizon does not yet sell this phone to consumers, only to enterprise accounts. I am trying to get Advanced Calling features to work on it, aka: HD Voice, Video Calling, VoLTE, etc. I have LTE+ data and WiFi calling working, but I have no Advanced Calling menu in Dialer or Communication settings. Verizon support tells me it's "not possible" since the phone didn't come from them... If I go into the *#*#4636#*#* menu, under Phone information, "VoLTE Provisioned" is grayed out. I'm wondering if the phone is missing a firmware update or APK to unlock advanced calling, maybe one that could be installed from another Verizon Samsung phone?


I have tried replacing the SIM card, which required activating it in my old phone, my LG V10, before it would work on the new phone. Advanced Calling features DO work on the LG V10 with both the old SIM and the new one...

Any thoughts or assistance with this would be great, as Advanced Calling seems to be the only thing I can't get to work on this. It is otherwise an awesome phone!

If you're not familar with the phone, I think it's the best buy in 2020. It's a new phone that comes with Android 10 out of the box, with removable battery (!), MicroSD, dual sim, headphone jack, notification LED, a IP68 water / dust resistant rating, milspec designed (5 food drop rated), "built in case", recessed screen, and so on. It's a highly durable, repairable, up to date phone using a respectable mid tier chipset that has modern power savings and so on. It's $500 from Amazon etc, and works on multiple carriers including Verizon and AT&T.

info about the phone: