Root Samsung Galaxy Y - Bricked?


It seems i have bricked my galaxy Y:

I was trying to flash custom ROM, was following instruction:
download ROM, CWM, do wipe data/cache, boot into Recovery, flash CWM, flash ROM, reboot... and i'm jammed on boot logo with the text: Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT-S5363, nothing else happens.

I can do it again, but:

When i'm trying to wipe data/cache via Recovery, i have the following:
Formatting /data...
E:format_volume: rfs format failed on /dev/stl11
Formatting /cache...
E:format_volume: rfs format failed o /dev/stl10
Data wipe complete.

If i'm trying to wipe data/cache via CWM Recovery, everything seems OK.

But if i flash any custom ROM, i have only boot logo, and nothing else.

And at this time, i can't flash stock ROM via ODIN, ODIN can't see my phone.

So, any idea please?? :(((


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Samsung Apps download and install this latest kies to see your phone in odin! hit thanks if i help :)

Hi, thanks for this help. I was trying it many times (install drivers, uninstall drivers, install Kies, uninstall), but without success.

PC couldn't find the device. I uninstall all drivers and Kies from the PC.
Restart PC, download latest Kies (, install it.
Meanwhile, power off the device, pull out the battery, insert the baterry, power on device, boot into Download mode ODIN, start ODIN on PC, set archives for stock ROM (pda, phone, csc), plug the USB cable to PC and connect with the device, voila i can start the flashing...

Now i'm going to flash custom ROM on this stock ROM, second attempt, hope now it will works properly.

Thank you all.


I think i hav bricked my samsung galaxy y .. I recently rooted it .. as i m new to android i dint know much about it ... I installed ANIM MOD app in it .. and wen i did it it got stuck .. so i removed the battery and restarted it .. now my phone is stuck in the galaxy y booting screen
"Samsung Galaxy Y young GT-S5360"
I dont have ROM Manager installed and no custom ROMs ... What should I do now ?
Pls help me as this is my first android devide .. It wud b of great help for me


hi iam using samsung galaxy y and i rooted it i moved the system apps dialler to memory card and cannot reinstall it again so i pressed restore factory and now when i switch on my mobile it displays as"touch the android symbol to enter and when i do so it comes as" working please try again later " please say what should i do please i am new to android please give me step by step instruction please mail to my address"" please say weather my phone is bricked or not please


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Can you get into recovery mode?(Vol up , power and home)

If so try flashing a stock or custom ROM, download it to your sd card via the PC, boot to recovery and wipe everything, instal from sd card.

I'm not responsible if this doesn't work, or it does brick your phone!


I did everything like is said in the manual.
I have the GT-B5510

When i start up at recoverymode (V+, Home, Power) i have to confirm a password????

WHAT password? I never put in a password on my phone...


Pfff sorry, my bad.
It seems the passcode to go out of screensaver is the password.

So for everybody who has the same thing:
BEFORE you start the software, write down ALL codes and passwords you have installed.
Because one of them is the password to continue the installation


i had nemesis one custom rom installed on my galaxy y gt-5360 with the stock kernel....
then i decided to switch to HYPERION-8.PRE-GM.BUILD.02 custom rom...and i installed it via CWM in recovery mode...and it was installed successfully...
bt after installing when i rebooted my phone it was stuck on the galaxy y logo.....(i waited for 6-7 was it enough????)..
so i took out the batteries and restarted it again....again it was stuck on the galaxy y logo...
i couldn't get into recovery mode....
so i tried to flash the stock rom using odin in download mode....i ended all the kies odin failed to flash the stock rom...
and it showed the following....
<ID:0/011> Added!!
<OSM> Enter CS for MD5..
<OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
<OSM> Please wait..
<OSM> PDA_S5360_DDLK2.tar.md5 is valid.
<OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
<OSM> Leave CS..
<OSM> Enter CS for MD5..
<OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
<OSM> Please wait..
<OSM> MODEM_S5360_DDLK1.tar.md5 is valid.
<OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
<OSM> Leave CS..
<OSM> Enter CS for MD5..
<OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
<OSM> Please wait..
<OSM> CSC_S5360_ODDLK1.tar.md5 is valid.
<OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
<OSM> Leave CS..
<ID:0/011> Odin v.3 engine (ID:11)..
<ID:0/011> File analysis..
<ID:0/011> SetupConnection..
<ID:0/011> Initialzation..
<ID:0/011> Get PIT for mapping..
<ID:0/011> Firmware update start..
<ID:0/011> SingleDownload.
<ID:0/011> boot.img
<ID:0/011> NAND Write Start!!
<ID:0/011> FAIL!
<ID:0/011> Complete(Write) operation failed.
<OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
i used odin 3 v3.09 and v1.85..
both showed the same message....
so plssss help me.....i don't know what to do now...:crying::crying::crying::crying: