Help Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) 'continuous loop boot' / 'continuous reboot' [Vodafone UK]: Help please!


Hello all,

I have a Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) and I have met the so called 'continuous loop boot' or alternatively said 'continuous reboot'.

I am quite a techy / technology wise with computers and much more. Although, this problem beats me. I have rooted my phone as I bought it almost 2 years ago. Today, I was chatting to friends on kik messenger and suddenly my phone froze and the display went funny and was unresponsive. I waited at least a minute and still no gain / response from the phone. I tried using the menu button and also the power button (holding it down to access the so called menu which allows you to 'power-off' the phone, switch 'silent mode' ON/OFF and/or enable/disable 'flight mode'. My last resort/only option was to take the battery cover off and take the battery out. I carried this action out because it would have been stupid or just about the same if I didn't.

I also tried the recovery menu (along with the 4 options it comes with) - I used the 'Clear Cache' and 'Wipe Data/Factory Reset' and still no luck.

I know for a fact my phone isn't bricked as I have had PSP(s) and used to install custom firmwares on them and unbrick them. Bricked doesn't allow you to even turn or boot into the BIOS/boot up screen. I rooted my phone at least 2 months ago to allow me more features and access to my phone. I didn't even know this problem existed until I searched it. Although, the information is 1 year and a few months outdated.

I haven't had much issues with the phone but this is the biggest issue I have come across.

I bought the phone from a shop called 'Argos' in the UK.

Link: Buy Sim Free Samsung Galaxy Y Mobile Phone - Silver at - Your Online Shop for Mobile phones.

Technical phone details:
Vendor/Network SIM provider: Vodafone UK (PAYG).
I have a 8GB memory card (although, I have taken that out and tried booting the phone up without it).

Link to the phone/website of the network provider: Samsung GALAXY Y - Buy Samsung GALAXY Y Deals on Pay As You Go with Vodafone UK | overview

Many thanks / thank you in advance,

BuZ! :)
same here i bought my unit a year and half then today is rebooting 3tym after a call my aunt T_T. then 7month no update in samsung kies ??? is there a problem or too busy to the new units??