Radek Věchet

Apr 19, 2016
Hello Gear VR fans
Did anyone see on internet some nice practical storage solution for Samsung Gear VR with Simple controller? I'm woried that just sitting on a shelf it will colect dust and I don't wanna clean lenses every single time. Plus I just got the Simple controller. Google Daydream at least has solution that you can stick the controller inside the headset itself when not used, so that's some smart engineering.
I tried to put the headset back into the original box but with those headbands it's slightly bigger so it's not really easy and there's no more room for the controller. So I'm thinking about buing a plastic box of the right size and maybe cutout some foam so it would sit tightly inside. So even if my little child find it, he won't smudge lenses and chew headband or that foam ridge for face.