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Support Samsung i5500 Galaxy 5 Hard Reset Forgot Gmail & Password

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jayce423, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. jayce423

    jayce423 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 5 (i5500) that is currently locked due to too many failed attempts at the unlock pattern code. It's asking for the Gmail address and password, but I cannot remember those either.

    I've called in to Samsung support in the US and they gave me a number in the UK to call but the number is not working.

    I've also done countless hours of searching for a button reset combination, much like the other Android phones have, but I'm unable to find any for this model. I have been able to get the phone in to "Download" mode with the yellow exclamation point, but nothing past that.

    I've also downloaded Kies and have no success as the program does not recognize the phone as being connected.

    Does anyone know a reset combination for this handset?




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    Post #4 by foleybp, Jun 16, 2011 (1 points)
  3. MegRose

    MegRose Lurker

    I have the exact same problem.... have you found out anything since you posted this?
  4. Mattelistus

    Mattelistus Lurker

    Iv'e got the same problem, i managed to get the phone in emergency download mode (ARM9) But then nothing happens it gets stuck there. Does it help if i update to 2.2 instead ? I
  5. foleybp

    foleybp Lurker

    I have a Samsung GT-15500 that is currently locked due to too many failed attempts at the unlock pattern code. It's asking for the Gmail address and password, but I cannot remember those either. help
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  6. foleybp

    foleybp Lurker

    have downloaded the kies and can access the phones internal system but cant master reset helllllp!!!!
  7. foleybp

    foleybp Lurker

    did you find a solution to the problem with the Samsung as i'm interested in the result having the same
  8. Twisted-

    Twisted- Newbie

    Try resetting your gmail password somehow? I know for a fact that gmail keeps bugging me to set up ways to recover my password just in case I ever forget it. So I think that this is probably your best bet.

    Although I'm not entirely sure how the phone is supposed to know your password has changed if it doesn't have some kind of internet access available.
  9. medseven

    medseven Newbie

    If above fails but the beast into downloads mode and flash it maybe.
  10. DFLORES1

    DFLORES1 Lurker


    1. Call yourself from another phone, answer, without hanging up press the home button, then menu button, settings, try to disable pattern-lock
    2. Call yourself from another phone, answer, hang-up, directly after hanging up start pressing your buttons like a madman for <30-60 seconds ending with your home button (might take a while to get the timing right). Go into settings and disable pattern-lock.
  11. brooklyntrend

    brooklyntrend Lurker

    Go to How To Set Up ADB/USB Drivers for Android Devices | TheUnlockr and install the SDK as instructed. Once installed you can plug in your galaxy i5500 to your computer. Make sure it's in USB mode by pressing the volume down + the big middle button + the power button. You should see an android bot digging in a yellow triangle. Once everything is good go to command prompt (dos terminal) and type: adb reboot recovery and that should reboot your device into recovery mode. Once you see the triangle with the exclamation mark just press the menu button to begin factory reset.

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  12. paor

    paor Lurker

    Can anyone help, I just purchased a samsung galaxy I5503T one day old and managed to lock myself out with the pattern lock. I didn't setup a gmail account either and I have tried the hard resets (volume button+power button etc) those have not worked.
  13. GalaxyEuropa

    GalaxyEuropa Member

    I have never forgotton a gmail pasword or locked myself out but my phone when running 2.2 froyo would not hard reset through the privacy settings in the settings menu or the hard key reset method which includes pressing vol keys etc... i tried to do this because market app was no longer working to update current apps or download new ones. If in doubt flash a new rom onto it theres plenty of roms out there for your galaxy europa and if your unsure how to, or the instructions just looks jargen ask me to help got plenty of exp doing it on this phone :)
  14. BetaFink

    BetaFink Lurker

    Finally got my son's Europe working again. Thank you.

    None of the commonly touted solutions to the lock problem worked for me but this did. It was a bit more complicated than described but not too difficult. I had to download a Java SDK as well as the Android SDK and run the Android SDK manager to install the platform-tools where ADB now resides. I couldn't get the button combination to work and I don't know what USB mode is, I just had the phone connected in kies mode. Typing 'adb reboot recovery' in the right directory at the command prompt brought up a menu with an option to do a factory reset which worked.
  15. kelly1025

    kelly1025 Lurker

    i forget my gmail password and nw i cant log i n to android market.. all app cant update. anybody can teach me how to solve it...
  16. dancurtis

    dancurtis Lurker

    only thing that worked for me was i let my battery do down, and when warning re low battery flashed on screen, i was able to get onto main phone menu by selecting battery usage then pressing menu button...went back into settings then from there
  17. Tanzillitary

    Tanzillitary Lurker

    How do you Hard Reset the Europa?
  18. Shultzie

    Shultzie Lurker

    Anyone with a Samsung Galaxy 5 handset and has the pattern lock on that you cannot remember and need it to get unlocked. this is the thread for you. I spent the last 6 hours getting this sorted and I got it fromn a few posts on this thread.
    1. You do need to download "How to set up ADB" Like Brooklyntrend says and set it up like the post says.
    2 you also need to download Samsung Kies if you do not already have it
    3. plug your phone into the computer, not in safe mode, just normal, and when it comes up asking what mode you want it in, put it in Kies mode. Make sure Kies is up and running and when you plug your phone into the PC it finds it in Kies.
    4. You then need to go to command prompt and type in : cd c:\android-sdk\platform-tools\
    5. then you need to type in Command prompt: adb reboot recovery
    6 wait about a minute and the phone will be in recovery mode.
    7. go to factory data reset and then chose the file that says yes. (there will be heaps that say "No")
    8 then once that is done another menu will come up and you restart the phone. It should ready to go.
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  19. tech007

    tech007 Lurker

    Thanks mate..... it's 100% work. If any person has problem to forget screen unlock password etc. use this technique. :dancing2:
  20. Im so confused now :S do i need to dowload anything?.... and wen i push thoose buttons (volume home and power etc..) presh them all at the same time or what? i need my cellphone now :/
  21. jonny495

    jonny495 Lurker

    something really different happened i installed go ex launcher and thin i didn't feel happy with it so i had to uninstall it i but i uninstalled it while it was the default home screen. so sadly i one it was uninstalled i clicked the home bottin then the screen just wen black i could use the notification bar but i couldn't use the home screen btw i was using a samsung galaxy 5 i5503, any help
  22. synlh10

    synlh10 Lurker

    Remove the battery to power the phone off. Performing a hard reset requires the phone to be off to start, and the Power button may not work if your phone is locked. Remove the back cover, pull the battery out and re-insert it after waiting 30 seconds.

    Step 2
    Press and hold the
  23. ajong2010

    ajong2010 Lurker

    hi. i have the same problem too.how do i unlock my handset. it is a samsung gt 15500. my phone needs a google account and password,but i can't remember neither.
    Any help please
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