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samsung indulge root batch file question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by checkp0int, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. checkp0int

    checkp0int Newbie
    Thread Starter

    would this possibly work for the admire?

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  2. aaronmy

    aaronmy Android Enthusiast

    The admire is 2.3.4, so I don't think it would be a great idea.
  3. aaronmy

    aaronmy Android Enthusiast

    Also, how would we be able to flash it?
  4. checkp0int

    checkp0int Newbie
    Thread Starter

    first off , not all android phones need to be flashed in order to root, certain ones like the evo use the bootloader as an exploit to flash the phone into having super user

    in other cases the lg optimus m (my phone) only took one click button from an app called z4root to root it.

    the samsung indulge , uses a batch script file which u basically connect the phone with usb debugging turned on, into ur computer and run the .exe file and it "pushes the files required in order to obtain root"

    flashing is mostly after you root your phone in order to install custom kernals and roms or themes

    hope that helped
  5. aaronmy

    aaronmy Android Enthusiast

    Ooh yea, I kinda forgot what it meant, I had an Archos and was doing that a lot. But could we modify the kernel and use it to remove the 3e recovery to 2e and then root it with an update.zip.
  6. marcos.lennis

    marcos.lennis Newbie

    Can this batch be applicable to the Samsung Admire? Can a dev verify this and let us know?
  7. k0nane

    k0nane Android Expert

    The root I created for the Indulge will not work for you guys - it uses an exploit that was patched in Android 2.2.2.
  8. marcos.lennis

    marcos.lennis Newbie

    Can you work on something for the Admire, please?
  9. k0nane

    k0nane Android Expert

    I don't own the device, so I'm going to need the assistance of you users if I'm going to get anything done. ;) Come hang out in IRC.
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  10. Yawa

    Yawa Well-Known Member

    If anyone can help you k0nane can.

    And considering how niche this phone seems to be at the moment, you should be grateful he can.
  11. CyXBeAtZ

    CyXBeAtZ Lurker

    androidinvasion.us/forum/index.php/topic,16.0.html <<< Posts methods, tests ran and pasties here

    webchat.fossnet.info/channel/admire/file/index.html <<< Join Chat for discussion and help with active devs working on this root

    please post here methods and tests that you have run. pasties from cmd prompt so we dont double up on steps.
    this will be closely moderated and updated frequently. stay tuned, register and post please. lets work together [​IMG]

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